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Tricuspid & Mitral Valve Leak

Hi, I'm a 29 year old female that was diagnosed with a very mild Tricuspid & Mitral valve leak recently. I used to have episides of Sinus Tachycardia and the doctor prescribed me Propranolol 20mg twice a day 2003. It quickly progressed into severe anxiety because I'm always worried about my heart...I went to the ER last Monday for palpitations, I had tests done and was monitored for 4 hours, the doctor said I was fine and it was normal for my age to have PVC's. They gave me a presciption for Xanax because I was very anxious then. I had the PVC's when I was discharged and all day and night. That was a week ago, but I still get them a few times a day. I guess for me it's always been "the chicken and egg syndrome" Am I anxious because I keep having heart issues OR is my anxiety causing the heart issues...About a month before the ER visit, I went to the cardiologist just because I wanted to be checked up-they did a 24hr holter monitor and also a echo test. I was told everything was normal. So when I went to the emergency room a month later, I couldn't understand why. After the ER visit, I followed up and got a second opinion from another cardiologist. He ordered a stress test (I couldn't finish, because I was extremely anxious) but the results shown nothing out of the ordinary. The doctor did tell me that the tests I did a month prior showed a very mild leak in my Mitral & Tricuspid. My meds were upped to 20mg in the morning and 40mg at night to help with the palpitations. I could even adjust the dosage to 40mg & 40mg OR manage it at what I have now, 20mg & 20mg. I was reassured over and over again not to worry, to get regular exercise, live a normal life and I will be fine. I should be checked up every 2-3 years to see how things are going. The nurse I spoke to said, it was so mild that a few years ago, they wouldn't even report findings like these. She's in her 40's and has had this since 18. I was advised from everyone I speak with to get my anxiety under control.

Needless to say, I am still VERY anxious knowing there is something wrong with my heart. I can'r seem to get a hold on what's going to happen to me...Will I drop dead from cardiac arrest? Die in my sleep or while exercising? Have a heart attack? Need open heart surgery? DO I have heart disease?

I'm just a wreck and find all this confusing because ALL of my panic/agorapobia symptoms are the same/very similiar to heart disease symptoms-weak legs, dizzy/lightheaded, feeling unsteady/off balance, palpitations, heart racing, sweaty, cold, shaking, muscle aches, indegestion, frequent urination, hyperventilate (hard to catch my breath), etc...I still get the pvc's during the day every now and then but more so at night. I can't tell if that's because I'm trying to calm down my anxiety or the heart issue. Really I'm at a loss and don't know what to do from here...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm desperate. Thanks in advance for reading.
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Hi Naida, I am curious if you don't mind me asking - what happened for you to have mitral valve surgery? I have been constantly lightheaded since 1993 and all the heart Drs I've seen in Australia say Mital Valve (the only thing that has shown on my tests) problems are to be ignored.
Kind Regards, Bec
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Try to calm down and force yourself to think positive.

Many of us have lived for decades with minor valve problems and as you had an echocardiogram, from what I understand, the doctor has a very clear "picture" of the physical aspects of your heart.  

In my case my leaky mitral valve did eventually lead to the need for surgery, at the age of 67, so if you anything like me, you wasting you good time and life worrying about that at your age.

That said, take care of your health and you may not have a serious problem even at age 67.  Watch you blood pressure and if too high it can add to the problem of mitral valve leakage, I believe.

I think you main focus has to be on getting the chicken-and-egg straight, don't let anxiety make you have heart rhythm problems.  And even when you have some rhythm problems, don't let that "hatch" into anxiety.  Just calm down and follow your medical advice.
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