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Trying to Figure PVCs/PACs Out

Ok, so I've never used a forum before, heh

So I've been reading up on pvcs and pacs ever since Weds. due to experiencing some severe stress and frequent "skipped" bests all throughout the day. They started after I would sit down for class after walking across campus and continue for awhile (very irregular pattern, sometimes it skipped multiple times and sometimes just every once every couple of seconds) and had a elevated heart rate. That night I was in a full blown panic and it skipped  3-4 consecutive times before it went back to normal. I went to the ER and they said that the EKG, blood panels, and chest x-ray were all great, and I didn't feel it skip while I was there. I haven't been eating or sleeping well out of anxiety and am now on buspar and hydroxyzine for it (trial basis) that seems to be helping.

I wanted to know if there's a differece in pvcs and pacs in terms of skipped beats or not? And if it's ok to exercise and go to class with them? I used to feel it skip every once in awhile if my heart rate was up but now it's getting bothersome and I don't want my schoolwork to suffer.
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So far Buspar hasn't done anything. I am getting them more right now and am really scared though, Sometimes it skips every other beat :(. I haven't seen a cardiologist yet but am going back to doctor's tomorrow
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Buspar made my pvcs worse. I get 3-4 a minute all day long do I understand how anxious it makes you. Have you been seeing a cardiologist? I still exercise no issues even with PVCs and SVT.
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