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Underweight risks

Due to intestinal problems I am extremely underweight. My weight is only 35kg and height is 5feet 5 inches.
My question is what are the risks of heart problems due to low weight.
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It seems you have a BMI of 13. Yes, this is extreme underweight.

I don't know if this can be related to any heart disease (it usually goes the other way) but as long as your blood sugar, vitamins and minerals are OK I wouldn't assume so, though I can't completely rule it out, but not diseases like coronary artery disease, that goes the other way.

I would, if I were you, ask my doctor.
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There are many, many heart problems associated with low weight, especially with a weight as low as yours. I have lost weight through some very restrictive diets in the past, and have found that my heart races, pounds, palpitates, skips beats and follows all sorts of scary abnormal rhythms. There was a time when it was doing these things so constantly that I could barely leave my house. Losing weight too quickly and being underweight can mess up your body in so many ways. It's not just the heart either: it's the lungs, the liver ... everything.

Have you seen a doctor about this? What is your diet like? I think that you need some medical help to get back to a more normal weight. You should gain at least 30 pounds. Please, seek help!

Best of luck to you!
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I have tried many things to increase weight and my diet is not bad either but still can't do it. If a person is underweight and still have normal levels of vitamins minerals etc then is it still dangerous or not???
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Sir what does going the other way means???
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I think he means if you're overweight?  being overweight, I've been told it does tax the heart in it's workload.

Even when you're overweight, obese, too heavy (been there done that) you can have clean arteries and blood work and perfect levels and be "healthy as a horse" so to speak.  It all depends on your eating and exercise habits =) the same as being underweight.

I read somewhere being underweight was a hazard to your health; and your body functions start shutting down - this is why anorexic patients get so sick BUT again I think that's because eating disorders leave the body with major imbalances in the system and their diets are very poor in vitamins and minerals.

You need to go to a Dietitians or nutritionist and let them help you, and ask your dr about this if you have GI problems.
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Yes, I meant that it's overweight that can be a risk factor for heart disease, but it doesn't necessarily have to.

If I were you, I would spend more time with the doctors trying to solve this issue. That may be of importance to you. Your heart is fine, according to the multiple tests you've done.

Make sure your minerals are fine (electrolytes) and that you have sufficient red/white blood cells and possible other tests that your doctor orders.

I really hope you are soon able to live a happy life, without medical concerns.. I know how hard it is to worry about your health..
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I have been underweight my entire life. I was at my heaviest at 127 pounds when I was 9 months pregnant with my 8 pound 5 ounce baby. I have never gotten over 104 pounds and usually maintain around 98 pounds. I am 5' 2". I am now 38 and have tried every possible thing to gain weight. I do have heart palps, tachycardia, GERD (reflux and stomach problems). I watch everything I eat because everything either sets off my palps or makes me sick. I have had testing since I was 7 years old and the consensus is, I'm just small. I am only 10 pounds underweight, but my doctors tell me that is why I feel everything that I do with my heart.

Your weight is extremely low and I am assuming you are working closely with your doctor to figure out how you can increase it.

People tell me all the time I look like a picture of health....but I assure them, I am not. Being underweight affects every body organ, as gothic beauty pointed out, and can lead to health problems with the heart and other organs, just like being overweight can. I'd give my right arm to be my ideal weight...maybe when I hit 40, I'll start packing it on...I can only hope!

Feel better!
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Gopo92, you think you're underweight??? I would say you're perfect! I am also 5'2'' and 109 pounds, and I've been dieting for ages trying to get to your weight!! I envy you! What would you consider to be a good weight for our height??
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According to Gopo's profile, he is an 18 year old man--that is, a male who is 5' 5" tall and weighs 35 kilos.  35 kilos is 77 pounds.  His body mass index (BMI) is a little below 13.  This very low BMI represents not quite half a healthy body weight for his height, and is about the lowest BMI compatible with life:


He is in a state of severe malnutrition, whether it is due to untreated physical illness or some other cause.  In starvation, when body fat stores are gone--as they will be in a man weighing only 77 pounds--the body will then cannibalize muscle to break down its proteins for usable energy.  The heart is, by the way, a muscle, and requires more than electrolytes and vitamins to be healthy.  This man's heart is endangered.

The effect of starvation on the heart is shown in the chart on the right side of this Merck page:

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Oops!! I meant to direct my last comment to rilesnic. SORRY!
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Can anyone tell me the name of test to check protein in human body.??? I am not malnourished at all. I eat quite a lot but still can't get fat. Oh well plz tell me the name of the test
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