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I am 14 years old and having heart problems. I've never really had any problems with it before but I have always had an abnormally fast pulse. The doctors never saw anything strange. I've been having frequent heart palpitations for the past 2 years. Recently (about the past week) they have gotten more frequent and much more painful. I've actually had long-term effects this week. I've been feeling weak, tired, and dizzy. In the past 40 minutes I've been having heart palpitations and extreme chest pain. At first I was panicking, which caused me to inhale deeply and sharply, which caused my chest to hurt more. It seems I can't laugh, talk loudly, or breath deeply without feeling some kind of reaction in my chest. My mother said she was going to schedule a doctor's appointment soon, but she is not very reliable. Do I need immediate attention, or will I last for a few more days? Also: I could see the school nurse tomorrow if it would help.
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for immediate relief for palpitations take propranolol betablocker a low dose like 10mg is enough.

consult a cardiologist and take ecg and echo to rule out heart conditions. also can do some blood work for rule out thyroid issues (free t4, free t3 and tsh).
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The worst thing you can do is panic. That will only increase your pulse. Do you know how fast it is beating?  See if you can count your pulse and gauge how fast it is going per minute.  Do you know if this rapid beat starts and stops in what feels like one beat or does it go fast and slow down gradually?  Have you been to the doctor before and checked for thyroid issues or other health issues?  Do you drink enough water?  Eat enough?  Tachycardia in general is not an immediate threat if it is coming from the atria, which it likely is and the chest pain is possibly being caused by your panic but chest pain should be investigated so if you feel your mother is not reliable enough to set a doctors appointment then go see the nurse when you have symptoms so she can check you out.  You can also try holding your breath and bearing down like you do when straining to go to the bathroom and see if that helps the beat slow down.  If it does and you notice that your fast episodes start and stop in one beat then you could have svt.  If not it could be due to something outside the heart or be panic/anxiety related.  Either way, try to remain calm and slow your breathing down as best you can.  Take a seat and relax and see if that helps it slow down or at least ease up the chest pain.  Take care and you should see a doctor to get a full exam at some point.  
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