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Vagal mediated Atrial Fibrillation

I had my first and only atrial fib conversion last month. I had a large dinner and went to lay down at 10 pm when I flipped over to my left side and I felt the flutter. I estimate it was >180 bpm. I laid flat and used vagal maneuvers to get it to the 140's. I went to the ER and was in aib w/ rvr. 140-180's. It took 22 hours to break into a SR and only after a sneezing fit.

My question is for an isolated AFIB that was vagally triggered why should someone have to take metoprolol? After 2 days of it I had to stop it. My BP and Pulse this am was 110/80 with a HR of 70 which is my norm. On low dose metoprolol my SBP was in the 90's with a high 50's HR and the fatique was horrible. IS anyone using Sotalol and a Beta blocker to break afib when needed instead of a daily regimen of CCB or BB?
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I had a lone afib episode,  I was also in hospital for 13 hours before the meds kicked in to convert me back to nsr.  I was just sent home on aspirin.  I did not have another episode until almost a year later, luckily that only lasted 10 minutes.   Do you have Blood pressure issues or anything else going on?   Did you have a full cardiac workup after your episode.  I did and everything came back normal.    I am on a beta blocker now due to palpitations.  You should discuss with your doctor your concerns.
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Yeah my echo was fine I did have a mild sclerosis on my Aortic valve, but I think afib is usually triggered by mitral valve isue. No hypertension.I have Hypogonadism treated wth testosterone and arimidex. I do wonder if arimidex can trigger afib. I have OSA and wear CPAP at night......Also during my sleep study I had a couple central apneas too.....So I wonder if I rally have a mixed Sleep apnea. I am 34 years old.
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