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Ventricular Eptopic beats

After a 24 hr holter monitor the results were 23,432 ventricular ectopic beats. 46 superventricular beats. average heart rate 68 BPM minumum 53 BPM. No ST segmental changes were noted. ST segment analysis on each EKG channel. The total time of ST depression >2mm over baseline was 0.8. QTC interval is normal. There were 0 pauses of 2.5 seconds. Frequent uniform ventricular ectopic beats are noted. A prescription for Toprol XL 12.5 mg issued. Should I take it considering it is a beta-blocker and reduces the heart rate?
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Given the average HR of 68, normal or high BP assumed, and the low dose level of Toprol XL I think you should be fine.  Check you HR a few times a day until you feel comfortable.

If you have an athletic history, a low HR, even in the 50s may be all you need due to a strong/athletic cardiovascular system.
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P.S.  If your HR gets too low you will know it because you'll get other symptoms, e.g., dizziness, vision problems, sweating... lots of non-fatal symptoms to warn you of shortage of oxygen to your system.  
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Do you feel the ectopic beats?  My test showed that I was getting 341 of them, I feel them all.  I can't stand it.  I'm on Toprol XL 50mg and it has cut the ectopic in about half.  I still hate that I can feel them.
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