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Ventricular tachycardia- how to navigate this?

Hello. Sorry for the long post. I’ve always had anxiety issues and over the last couple of years I would get a fluttering feeling lasting what seemed like a second - almost like a blip on occasion, mostly at night while at rest. I mentioned it to my PCP at the time who gave me an EKG (normal) and blamed it on stress/anxiety. This June during my first physical with my new PCP I casually mentioned I get those occasional blips. She gave me an EKG (normal) and sent me home with a Zio patch. I was supposed to wear it for 2 weeks but it fell off after a couple of days. Turns out the two times I pressed the event button during my blips were within normal sinus rhythm but an episode of NSVT was caught. It was 2 runs a few beats a part - the longer run was 9 beats. We think the VT happened during an argument with my oldest daughter who has behavioral issues and can become very challenging to communicate with. I had an ECHO (normal) and a stress ECHO (normal). I met with an EP at Mass General Boston who offered me a cardiac MRI with contrast for an extra layer of reassurance- he felt it would come back normal and my overwhelming anxiety would lesson. Also put me on low dose beta blocker. The MRI was brutal due to my claustrophobia and they had to retake many images due to the way I was holding my breath during scanning. The report, to my total shock, showed very subtle changes with contrast that may suggest mild fibrosis from a possible prior myocarditis. My EP felt the report was vague and not very convincing as to the fibrosis and I’m still waiting on clarification. He said he wanted the radiologist to quantify the fibrosis and I may need to retake the test. But he was not overly concerned. He’s also sending me to a Long QT expert to rule that out. I had surgery last year and my QT was affected by a combo of Celexa and anti nausea meds. Once they switched my meds, things were fine. But my EP still wants me seen. He’s now taking another look at my EKG from the stress test. He says the QT should shorten upon peak stress and he thinks mine did but it’s hard to tell. It’s crazy to me. I dealt with breast cancer last year and now this. It is overwhelming and I find myself constantly worried about the future. Looking for some support and advice. I have 4 young kids who need me and thoughts of cardiac arrest, defibrillators etc are on my mind. Not sure if I should switch doctors to one who is more decisive. Kind of feel like my current EP is all over the place. He went from telling me I have idiopathic vtach to sending me to Long QT specialist. Also wondering what role subtle scarring, if any, might play in the vtach.
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