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Ventricular tachycardia??

Hi, I've had issues with PVC's for a couple of years and I'm familiar with what they feel like. The past few weeks I've been feeling a chaotic fluttery beat right under my left breast. It usually lasts about 5 seconds and happens a few times a day. I had a normal echo and ecg, and the cardiologist said it's very unlikely in feeling VT, but it's probably just a benign palpitation felt in the"bottom tip" of my heart. What concerns me is that would be the ventricles so how is that benign? Wouldn't that be VT potentially? I did a 24 HR holter but of course it didn't happen while I was wearing it. She thinks it's happening because I'm dehydrated and sleep deprived because I just had a baby. Also I've been feeling dizzy and lightheaded and my blood pressure has been super low around 90/53. I'm so worried about it being dangerous or converting to V-fib
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Considering you had a normal ecg and echo odds are even if you are having short bouts of vt that it would turn into anything serious.  Your healthy heart can handle it.  This said, being dehydrated and not having enough sodium in your diet can cause low bp and may be partly what is triggering the pvcs so do try to take care of yourself.  When you feel the flutter try and cough to see if you can break it up.  Avoid caffeine and foods that upset the stomach or cause acid reflux.  Caffeine especially for me can cause little runs of pacs.  If you feel like peace of mind would help then see if you can get a 30 day event monitor to catch what is happening.  The 24 hour monitors can make more transient problems hard to catch.  But considering you have a generally healthy heart odds are some simple lifestyle changes will help you feel better.  This said, once a spot in the heart gets activated into throwing off premature beats we can always be prone to them.  But so long as we stay heart healthy they really pose no threat in the long run. Taking care of a baby is important but it is also important to take care of yourself too.  Best of luck with your little one and hope you feel better soon.  
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That should have read, odds are that it would NOT turn into anything serious.
Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It is very comforting and helpful. I'm trying to stay hydrated and cut out all caffeine. Learning how to deal with all of this!
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