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Verapamil during pregnancy

I am pregnant and have tachycardia and my dr just prescribed Verapamil is this safe during pregnancy?  There aren't really any studies that I can find that says that they are or aren't, does anyone out there know??
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Verapamil is a Class C drug , these are drugs that by definition, during pregnancy, should be taken only if the benefit outweighs the potential risks. It is unknown what the potential risks are to the fetus. There really are no reports on what the effects are.

Have you spoken to your OB Dr about this? Maybe there is another medication that can be prescribed, one that will not pose a risk to your developing fetus:) Best of luck to you.
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No I haven't the prescription was just filled yesturday I told my mother that I had only taken 1 and was not taking anymore until I find out what is what.
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It's always better to be safer now, make the call an go from there...than to be sorry later wishing you had investigated further:)

Have you gotten the new cardiologist yet? I think the last time you posted, you had mentioned that your Dr was not being too aggressive treating your SVT.

Well, best of luck with this.
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Yeah I have that is actually who prescribed the meds to me... He was really caring and understanding and was looking out for my best interest as far as how to control the "episodes".  I have just never heard of this med before and I know that they say some of the beta blockers are better during pregnancy than the other treatments are.  He also suggested ablation again after I have the baby to see if maybe they can find something this time..
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Hey Brooke I called my OB/GYN or whatever that doctor is called LOL and he says it's okay for me to be taking the 120mg daily of verapamil, now my next question ofcourse would be for you if you have any idea.... Do you think that me going into labor would cause my tachycardia to act up?  I mean do you think that I'll have to end up having a c-section versus vaginal birth so that there are no complications or chances of me passing out or blacking out during labor?
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There is a chance that you could develop SVT during labor...I don't think that they would consider that a reason to do a C-section.

C-sections are considered major abdominal surgery. If it can be avoided it is better to go through a vaginal birth. I delivered both my children this way, with SVT. I was fortunate not to have it kick in during either delivery.

You will be closely monitored during your labor and if there are any problems the appropriate interventions will be taken. You will be lying down, so the chance of you loosing conciousness is slim. This usually happens when you're in an upright (standing) position, related to a rapid HR and a sharp drop in BP.

I'm glad that you talked to your Dr regarding the Verapamil. Now you can just take your medication without the worry of it harming your unborn baby:)

I wish you luck (is this your 1st) Happy Holidays!
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