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Very high heart rate during exercise

I am recently 19 and consider myself healthy and active, training at a high intensity multiple times a week. My resting heart rate at the moment is about 48bpm and my max should be about 195-196 which I have tested before at uni doing vo2 max tests all of which my heart rate never exceeded 196. Today I did a very high intensity training session and my HR reached 210, which I found strange so I looked at my past training sessions and realized on 2 other occasions my HR reached even higher at 213 and 219bpm. Is this something I should be concerned with as I do sports and exercise at uni and so far my understanding is a 19 year olds HR shouldn't go above 195-196 as a male heart rate is calculated as 210 minus half your age in my understanding.
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Correction male HR is 205-half age from what I've learnt at uni
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That's a general guideline.  I believe that's your target heart rate, a zone that allows you maximim conditioning, and a rate that you shoukd be able to maintain for a period of time. Years ago, I was a highly trained amateur athlete, and I could get my heart rate above 200 during "full smoke" sprints of short duration. So I wouldn't let that guideline influence you.  But I would add that the return to normal respiration shouuld be a ramp down process.  If your breathing return slows, but your heart rate is still banging away, then that should be something that you'd want to have looked at.
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