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Vibrating and Gurgling in Chest?


I have a history of Lyme Disease and PVC's. I've been told that my PVC's are benign by my Cardiologist.

Lately I've been having a gurgling and vibrating sensation in my chest, near my heart. It seems to happen with my heartbeat, especially when I'm laying on my left side.

Does anyone get this? What does it sound like?

I had an EKG and Chest X-Ray not long ago. I don't know if that would have shown anything or not, as far as the gurgling and vibrating.

Please let me know your opinions.

Thanks so much!
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If the gurgling-vibrating is regular, it very well may be related to the heart. Have someone take a listen with a stethoscope. If it's related to the heart valves, they can tell you immediately. Good luck. I hope it's from drinking Diet Coke and Mentos. :)
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I was at the doctor the other day, and he listened to my heart, but the gurgling and vibrating wasn't happening then. Do you think he still would have been able to tell if there was a valve problem?

Thanks for your response!
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I also wanted to mention that I had a normal Echo in Janaury.
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That's unusual!

An echo will normally catch sound and vibration long before you can sense them.

It's possible that you have a valve acting up irregularly. It could be blood pressure related, and triggers at a certain BP. Perhaps log your BP when the sound occurs and when it does not occur and you can make a correlation.

The key here is regular. When the sound and vibration occur, are they regular and cyclical? If so (and not caused by your breathing) then they are almost surely heart valve-related. If the sounds are irregular, they may be more related to breathing or to the digestive system. Once in a while, the arteries can also make a slight vibration, but that would also be easy to detect with ultrasound long before you can sense it.

Best of luck, and do keep us posted on your unusual situation!.
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Hi Robin - don't worry - I too have the gurgling in or around my heart, can't make out which it is. The way I explained it to my Cardiologist is that it sounds as if my hearts hungry!! I've had all of the regular heart tests done and I've been diagnosed with benign PVC's which are no fun at all but they found nothing wrong with my heart in terms of valves, structure, etc. Anway, please be assured that you're not alone with this funny sensation. Just to let you know as well, mine started when I started taking blood pressure medication and I find that they come and go now and what a coincidence, they are back right now as I type you this message!! Hope this helps and best of luck.
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Thank you so much for your responses!

bobad ~ I'm not sure what you mean by regular or irregular, and how do I check? They just seem to come on out of the blue, especially when I am laying on my left side. I think I even feel it near my ribs sometimes, but I'm not sure it's the same thing. The valve thing scares me, especially after having a normal Echo in January. Can things change that much in 6 months?

PRADA001 ~ That makes me feel better that I'm not the only one experiencing this! My blood pressure is always low to normal...do you have high blood pressure? Or were you taking the blood pressure medicine for the PVC's?
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