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WPW Syndrome, Stress and libido.

Hi, is wpw syndrome has any kind of connections with libido? I have probably lost my libido being a patient of wpw syndrome. Second, I take concore 2.5 mg but I still feel the pain. And the strange thing is that when I am stressed or pressured the chest pain increases and I can hardly speak at that moment. So, I would be so grateful if you just answer me these two questions. Thank You
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Until my ablation 7 months ago, I had an AVRT very closely related to WPW.  Mine was Circus Motion Tachycardia and I had it nearly all of my life, and I'm now 60.  In my case, it in no way affected my libido.  AVRT like Wolff Parkinson White is an electrical condition, and should not affect libido.  I would look atnthe medication used to control the tachycardia. They can and often do supress the libido.  How deep of an investigation have you done on your condition?  Perhaps we can offer some suggestions.
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I had an opportunity to look up Concore and found it was the brand name for Bisoprolol, a commonly used beta blocker. The dose you're taking is the smallest one available.Among others, these are the less common side effects:

"Other less serious side effects are more likely to occur, such as:
decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm"
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Good call Tom!

I was gonna say - the "condition" doesn't effect libido. Your research = reason number 24 on why I chose ablation over a chemical dependency problem for the remainder of my life.
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