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WPW and VT anyone?

I was just recently diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and Ventricular Tachycardia..I'll be going in for an EP study/ablation on Jan 20th.  Just wanting to see if anyone here has had the same diagnoses, and if the ablation was a success, or if meds worked for you. Im on Tropol 100 mg untill I have the ablation. The only complaint I have with that is that I am soooo tired! Anyone else "blessed" with this? ;)
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I had ablation done on dec 8th for VT. I am not sure if it was successful because I am still having a rapid heartbeat during ovulation.  a couple of people on here have been really helpful. some say that it takes a while before you really know if it worked. I am on nadalol and it slows things (with that, i am very tired) down but doesn't take it away. What is WPW? what other effects does having WPW have on you? Many people seem to have had ablation done and as far as the posts on here, seems like ablation isn't always successful. I believe I needed to treat the hormones before jumping into such a radical procedure. I am just now learning a lot. Good luck on your ablation!
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I would recomend the ablation.  I also was dxd with wpw about a year ago. Almost died....but anyway the succes rate for an ablation to treat/cure wpw is greater than 95%. I actualy have a 1 year follow up on the 9th. Ive had other dr visits with no indication the wpw came back.

Good luck and let us know how you make out. Any other questions let me know.

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I also have VT and had an ablation for it.  I am on tropol 50mg and verapimal 160mg both once a day.  My VT was caught on a halter monitor back in July.  I was put on meds right after that. I had my ablation in Nov.  So far not VT since July except for the night after my ablation in hospital had 5 or 6 beats of it. The EP Dr. could not be on a long run of VT but did ablate several areas.  When I fist started taking the Tropol I felt tired all the time and got out of breath very easily.  

Now it does not bother me at all. Everyone that I have talked with on this med. has told me the same. It takes awhile for your body to get used to the drug.

Hope you feel better soon!
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I also have wpw.  I was diagnosed WPW, AT(SVT) & RBBB when I was 15 yrs old.  Now I'm nearly 51 yrs old.  I won't comment too much in here but I let you all know, wpw can survive that long with or without ablation.  I also have 2 daughters borned naturally and healthy.  I am happy to answer any question.
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