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WPW syndrome

Sorry about my English, I'm writing from Europe.
I had detected WPW syndrome 3 years ago and 2 times ablationed, but after a month reactivated. I have also many palpitations, extrasystoles, pre-excitations and blockage around the 4th thoracic vertebra. Is possible to say, what is related to? Can be WPW syndrom activated without extrasystoles?
And is ablation only way to beat WPW? What to do with extrasystoles?
Thanks a lot...
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Hi, sorry about my English too, writing from Europe too :)

Can be WPW syndrom activated without extrasystoles?
As you know, WPW syndom is an extra pathway between upper and lower heart chambers. As you probably know, when an electrical impulse is conducted through your heart, the conducting cells need some time to recharge before being able to conduct electricity again (as conducting electricity discharges the cell and it need some time to repolarize, this is seen as the T-wave on ECG. During normal contractions, signals are conducted through the AV node (natural pathway) and your extra pathway, creating a delta wave in the QRS complex, as some parts of your ventricles are activated before others (through your extra pathway).

During a WPW tachycardia event, a premature beat (a PAC, extrasystole) is conducted through one of the pathways when the other one is still in refractory period (still discharged), but when this impulse reaches the other pathway, it's able to conduct electricity again, making the impulse backfire and creating a loop.

And is ablation only way to beat WPW?
As far as I know, ablation (or open surgery) is the only way to cut this pathway. Medications can (as far as I know) be used to control your heartrate during tachycardia events. I think calcium channel blockers are most commonly used. As an alternative, medications that reduce ability to conduct impulses can be used, but such medications may have serious side effects.

What to do with extrasystoles?
About same answer as above. PACs can be treated with medications, but it's not easy to erase them completely without using medications with possible severe side effects.

Good luck!
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Thank you very much for your reply!
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So I was "ablationed" this Tuesday. Third time. And third time without success. During catheter mapping and adding isoproterenol cardiac atrium began fibrillate and ablation had to be stopped.
Maybe CARTO mapping should help... :-(
How many times can be heard mapped and how many times ablationed without any damage?
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