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Want to take a survey for PVCs

Just want to know what some of you have gone through

How long have you had them?  6 years of pvcs
Whats the most you have had? 12000
How much a day now?  now im down to about 15-50 a day with meds
What Medication Helps? Verapamil 240mg

Thanks for the support!
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How long have you had them?  1 year of pvcs
Whats the most you have had? 8500 a day
How much a day now?  Not sure. Probably about the same. It varies.
What Medication Helps? I'm not taking any. EP doc said that, since my PVCs are
                                     worse when my pulse is slow, I'm better off not taking one.
                                     (When my pulse is over 85, the PVCs lessen and sometimes
                                       go away.)
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How long have you had them?  6 months
Whats the most you have had? 4000
How much a day now?  anywhere from 200-1000, avg, on bad day 3000
What Medication Helps? IDK yet, I take Metoprolol XR 12.5 and it helps a little
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How long have you had them?  About 5 years, mostly PAC's

Whats the most you have had? I think the 24 hour even monitor showed 11 in the 24 hour period.

How much a day now?  Sometimes I can go for days, and others, I have a few here and there.

What Medication Helps? Not on any, just natural supplements.
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How long have you had them?  5 years
Whats the most you have had? 11500
How much a day now?  anywhere from 4000 - 5000
What Medication Helps? Tenormin 50 mg , kindda sorda help i think I dunno
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I'm back on a little visit :-)

1. 1 year. Mostly PACs
2. Recorded approx 100 on Holter (mostly PACs).
3. It varies. Some days I don't notice any at all (though they are probably still there). I believe the highest number is approx 500.
4. Pranolol (20 mg) wipes out PACs (or PVCs) during anxiety and exercise in my case. It reduces my heart rate though (resting HR in the 40s-50s), causing more PVCs (I think) before sleep.
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There was a very robust PVC survey thread here


feel free to add to it.
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Thought I would respond to this shorter poll.

How long have you had them? 30 years,also PACS, paroxysmal AFib, episodes SVT
Whats the most you have had? 15000
How much a day now?  3000 - 4000
What Medication Helps? Bystolic 5 mg

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how long? 20 years...PVCs..PACs..and lately..some bouts of very rapid very short beats

Most? Not sure..last Holter showed 17,000 in 24 hrs

Many a day? It varies. Some days..zero. Others...lots

Meds? Was on Atenolol for 19 years...grew accustomed to it..so put on Metoprolol...that wasnt doing the trick too well...so Dr tested my potassium level..which WAS within the normal range, but barely. Was on the low side..so wrote me prescription for potassium..2x a day..and that has helped tremendously....although I still have days..where they are wild...but not nearly as often as before.
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ohhh..How I envy you...!  11 in a 24 hour timespan....i think I have more than that on a daily basis....I would give about ANYthing to have a holter like that.... * sigh *......
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I read with interest your comments on potassium.  My blood tests were okay for calcium, magnesium and potassium, but my cardio said to take a calcium/magnesium supplement (2 times as much calcium as magnesium and not a  high dosage of either one. I eat a potato and banana each day, so he said that should be enough potassium. So, I'm experimenting. I'll probably have another Holter one of these days, since it's been over a year. I know I still have a lot of PVCs, but I don't check my pulse much anymore. And I don't feel the PVCs as often, even when I'm having them.  Do the supplements help? I'm not sure yet, but it hasn't hurt.

I tried a beta blocker (metoprolol) some time ago, but it made me feel like a zombie. I couldn't go to work, and my pulse and blood pressure really dropped, even on a low dose. I seem to be getting along without the beta blocker, so far.  I have acid reflux and IBS, another reason my cardio said I might try to get along without the metoprolol. It can cause acid reflux to get worse. lAnyway, I hope you'll let us know if the potassium continues to work for you.
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