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Weird heart beat followed by weird sensation


I was sitting down reading something online when all of a sudden it was like my heart skipped a beat or something and then i felt this weird tingly type of sensation run through my whole body down to my feet, follow by a few second of rapid heart beat???

Has anyone experienced this or know what this is ?

Ive done checks past month and everything seems ok with my heart, hope someone help me shed some light
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Yes, it does indeed sound like you are having some sort of ectopic beat activity, pacs in the atria or pvcs in the ventricles.  As the previous poster noted they are harmless in a healthy heart.  You also mention it feels like your heart speeds up.  Do you know how fast?  You could be having a short run of pacs or some sort of svt triggered by the ectopic beats.  You won't know for sure unless you get it caught on a monitor and that can be a bit tricky to catch so just keep an eye on things, take notes when you get them and if you can catch your pulse note how fast your heart is beating and how long it lasts. If it is short lived as it sounds like it mostly is then you need not worry about it.  Like ectopic beats, svt, if you have that as well, is not a danger in a healthy heart so long as it reverts quickly on its own or is managed properly.  I might suggest getting a check up just to be sure but more than likely you have some run of the mill odd things with your heart a good number of people get.  Take care.
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Most definitely an ectopic (meaning: out-of-place) beat, either ventricular or atrial. These are totally normal, everyone has probably had at least one at some point in their life. Nothing to even worry over if you are healthy.

The tingling sensation could've been some sort of symptom of a stress response if the sensation of the ectopic beat bothered you or startled you.
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Sounds like you have premature beats which are classified as either premature atrial contractions (PAC) or premature ventricular contractions (PVC).  Very common occurrence, almost everyone has them at some point supposedly.  They are completely benign in a healthy heart so almost certainly nothing to worry about.  If you just began having them, it wouldn't hurt to be checked out by a doc but PACs and PVCs are generally no big deal and of no concern to doctors in a healthy individual.
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