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What are my chances of EF 30-35% after mild MI and broken heart syndrome

I had a sudden Mi caused by stress. I was diagnosed with broken heart syndrome and CHF. My EF is only 10-15%. I wear a life vest, am on coreg,asa,lipitor, brilinta. My bp is too low for ace inhibitors or beta blockers. I'm 58 and otherwise healthy. I have smoked for 45 yrs, a pack a day, now down to 5-6cigarettes a day. This happened 3 weeks ago.what are my odds and life expectancy?
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The broken heart syndrom evebtually recovers on its own.

However the Congestive Heart Failure is another issue.

Making predictions about life expectancy is very difficult at this time. You first need to get some sort of permanent solution, in your case likely a biventricular pacemaker/ICD and see how your heart responds. Recovery of the broken heart syndrome will also help.

Only after these things happen and we see how your hearts healing progress looks can estimates be made. Honestly it can be anywhere from 1 week to 10 years.
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