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What causes ST elevation?

I have these question in mind:
Most causes for ST segment elevation?
Does Troponin /Potassium abnormality play a big part for ST to elevated?
What is the best solution when we have ST elevation shows on EKG?
What medication is currently will help?
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ST elevation can be normal in young people and some middle age people -- this requires no treatment is called a J point elevation or early repolarization.

ST segment elevation in the  setting a heart attack or in brugada syndrome is caused by early repolarization of the inner layer of the heart while the outer layer is repolarization -- it is a differential in repolarization times in the heart.  The most common mechanism of this is not getting enough blood to that region of the heart -- myocardial infarction or heart attack.  The treatment is to open the artery and restore blood flow.

If you have asymptomatic ST segment elevation on  your EKG and you do not have brugada syndrome (rare), this can be a normal variant.  Talk to your doctor about which one applies to you.  

I have a feeling  you are asking me a specific question but I am not sure what it is.

I hope this answer helps.
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How does elavil, low dose 10mg, for cyclic vomiting, effect ST elevation and what would the pt present as? if it is asymptomatic would we not treat?
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I am new to the forum.  

From the last many years, when I have gas filled in my stomach, my heart starts beating faster.  Most of the times this was the sequence.  My doctor does not believe that there is a connection between stomach gas and arrhythmia.  If some other people have similar experience and what do they to help them from such situation.  

Any connection between stomach gas and arrhythmia?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

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I got gas in my stomach too.  I always have stomach problems with arrhythmia but the Dr said it is "anxiety"!
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I have the same exact problem. I have gas, belching and erratic heart rate. I have recently been diagnosed with SVT with some PVCs which scare the **** out ofme.....I am taking a calcium channel bloker called cardiezem....
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After the gastric emptying study, mine stomach shows a sign like "Sick Sinus Syndromes"!
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