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What do you guys think is going on?

I am a 25-year-old woman, wife and mother of a two-year-old son. I was very active in my youth but started having a sedentary lifestyle after high school. I grew up in a emotionally and physically abusive home. Due to this, in June 2010, when I was 14 I went to live with my mom's brother and his wife out of state and started high school there. A few months after I moved there I started having chest pains. I remember having them at night and my older cousin wanted me to tell his parents so they could take me to the hospital, but I didn't want to. After 9 months of living with them I moved back home to live with my mom as my mother decided to separate from my father. Since I was 14 I have had chest pains off and on and it will cause difficulty in breathing. Eventually I developed pain in the joints of my fingers. It began in my left index finger and eventually started happening in the majority of my fingers. As to the time line I started having joint pain, I do not recall. I think I may have been around 17 years old. As a young adult I started having more chronic pain. I started having pain in my forearms (a dull ache, sometimes throbbing pain, similar to the pain in my joints). Sometimes I would even get random sharp pains in my cheeks, eyes, and head (like an ice pick headache).This hasn't happened for a while. In the past couple of years though since having a child I have been told by a couple of different chiropractors that I should be tested for fibromyalgia as I have very tender/painful areas lightly pressed on. I also have sciatica that acts up from time to time and a pelvis that is tilted causing one leg to seem shorter than the other and it cause a lot of pain in my left hip. Anyway, back to the chest pains. Back in 2016 I had multiple episodes of chest pains so I would go to the ER for them to tell me the EKG was normal and that it was stress. So after the third visit to the hospital with the same results I decided the next time I have chest pains I will stay home, There was nothing anyone could do for me and at that point I gave up. Other than the occasional flutter in my chest that made me cough, the chest pain seemed to stop happening so frequently. The past couple of days though I have had random chest pain that makes it difficult to breathe, it will only last a few seconds and leave as soon as it came, But, because my grandmother has been in the hospital recently due to atrial fibrillation, I started doing research. I decided to self-refer myself to a cardiology practice, The woman I spoke with was so kind. I asked her to use her own discretion and pick the doctor that would actually listen to a 25 year old female complaining of chest pains. She laughed as we both know that sadly it is all too common that young women are not taken seriously when it comes to possible cardiac issues. I have an appointment coming up on April 7th. I would appreciate any feedback from the medical community.
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I think it will be very unlikely for someone at age 25 to have a heart issue. You should ask your Cardiologist for an echocardiogram. If that is normal then it is very very unlikely that your chest pain is due to heart. Regarding pain in joints I think you should talk to your primary care and ask him to get you tested for any auto immune conditions  and or inflamation since you are saying that you have chronic pain. But I highly doubt that your chest is due to heart. Ihope you feel better soon.
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