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What does my ecg mean?

On the first sheet it says 'sinus rhythm with premature atrial complexes':
Vent rate 77bpm
PR inteval 124ms
QRS duration 86ms
QT/QTc 398/450
P-R-T axes 66 96 54
And on the second sheet it says 'sinus rhythm with short PR':
Vent rate 65 bpm
PR interval 108ms
QRS duration 86ms
QT/QTc 400/416
P-R-T axes 10 97 50
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Premature atrial complexes are often referred to as PACs and are considered benign.

On more than one occasion I have been told by Drs. that the automatic read outs on these strips are not always accurate.
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Seems like you have some other type of rhythm than sinus rhythm on one of the EKGs, possibly the last one. It looks like the rhythm origin somewhere else in the right atrium, possibly near the AV node (as the P wave axis is different and PR interval is shorter).

Unfortunately, I can't give you any other advice than to ask your doctor. Atrial ectopic rhythms are almost always benign though.
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