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What heart issue could this be?

So in August 2013 I got up as normal one day then a couple of hours later I started feeling quite ill.
Getting hot, weird stomach sensation (can’t describe it), jelly/wobbly legs. Over the course of about an hour this got worse and worse and began spinning, once I began spinning I noticed a thud in my heart/Chest, like my heart was beating very slowly out of rhythm. Within two minutes it was all over, I felt fine again, I never fainted.

Fast forward to July 2014 pretty much the same happened. I get up, I noticed when I got up I had an urge for a number 2 which was unusually dihorreah like. As I was going I noticed that weird stomach sensation return, and again within the course of about 45 minutes the ill feeling, jelly legs all returned, along with the spinning, it was quite bad this time as I lost vision in one eye at least (this time I was walking around, unlike 2013 when I was in a car) and again as soon as the spinning started I noticed the thuds, very slow heart beat. After about 5-8 minutes the spinning stoped, I felt fine again.

I am 99.9% sure there is something seriously wrong with my heart, like a faulty valve, or enlarged heart, or something wrong with the ventricles.

I do get the missed beat sensation fairly regularly, maybe several times a week. But feel fine before, during and after.

I am almost too scared to see a doctor because I am fearful of the results.
I am a very nervous/anxious person

Any suggestions to the cause would be a great help.


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The “thud” in your chest could have been an intense muscle spasm or something. If you have a GP I reccomend you go over these symptoms with them to figure out what could be causing it. It might have nothing to do with your heart. I know anxiety is awful, I also get panic attacks when it comes to health related stuff but it’s better to have a professional rule out anything potentially bad if it does exist.
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