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What is the name for the erratic palpitations I feel?

Greetings to the reader, I hope your day is well. I am visiting a Doctor tomorrow, but I am hoping to find a name for either of the symptoms I have felt for two months now and could not locate. I am 27, female and have had occasional digestive and sleeping problems if this helps. My diet varies and I did regrettably exercised little before these symptoms happened.

- The earliest change in my body was April 3, when I could not sleep and was up until 5 a.m. I was going to bed finally, when I felt my heart beating fast and I felt numb all over the body. This happened again on the sixth, seventh and twenty-eighth. The duration of numbness lasted longer on the 28th, and I feared I caused more damage to my body than being sleep deprived.
- Since that happened, throughtout April - June I had my heart at times would beat fast or pound when I lie down, when I stood up, when I walked too fast. I also felt painful tingling in my arms when I lief down or use the phone. I would also feel gurgling around my chest and abdomen and at times had to belch/flatulate. My family thought many of my symptoms were gas related, so I was purchased mostly gas relief.
- Around May 30, I felt my right arm become weaker when I laid on my right side, and the feeling of faint. I also have felt random moments of loss of balance, pressure/throbbing pain around my left breast, or random pain around my stomach or the right side of my body.
- I remember also taking epsom salt in early May since my sister said my body must be low and magnesium, and I felt bad palpitations to where I felt weak from standing.
- I tried forcing myself to sleep early at 9 or 10 p.m. now, changing my diet and completing exercises that do not exert the body. My sister also purchased teas, enzymes, probiotics and minerals to help heal my body. There were days when I was feeling much better, until I ate food that was greasy.
- On June 25, I did not feel any symptoms that morning, so I was hoping I was finally getting better. I was eating oatmeal with apples at the computer (I thought I was okay enough to get back for a few minutes), when I felt a tingling sensation go through my left thigh that traveled to my foot. Then I began to feel tired with my beating fast again and more feeling loss of balance. The tingling in my foot has occurred since then, along with the feeling I am going to fall if I stand still too long.
- Since I am unemployed now, I had desperately tried to find a Doctor here in Georgia that can help me. Has any individual experience any of the symptoms mentioned? I'll be very grateful if any individual knows a name for what I have felt.
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Hard to say what is going on.  It is very likely your heart is responding to issues outside the heart that are going on.  Stomach issues can cause it to act up as well as many other issues.  Tingling down your leg could be due to compressed nerves in the spine or other things.  It is good you are visiting a doctor tomorrow.  Quite frankly the symptoms you have had might have warranted a trip to the er just to make sure it wasn't the heart in distress.  I would say try to drink lots of water and see if it helps.  As well maybe get some OTC acid reducers like Zantac.  But I am glad you are seeing a doctor tomorrow.  Your symptoms definitely need to be investigated.  Take care.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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I thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I am waiting for the results from my blood test. My Phyiscian told me she that she can not find any problems and that my blood pressure heart rate was good yesterday. She felt since I was diagnosed with G.E.R.D at twelve and have anxiety, the symptoms may have worsened now and perscribed me only Nexium. I was given Zantac when I was first diagnosed, but that did not help me. I do not feel any relief today, nor do I see much improvement.
I continue to get the palpitations now (they kept me from sleeping last night until I took a melatonin and going to the bathroom comfortably), and feeling gurgling or pressure around the chest/upper abdomen (mostly in the middle or the left side of my chest if this helps). At Grady Hospital, the charge is $110 for E.R, so sadly I cannot afford that yet. Despite this, I will call again after I receive my test results and schedule for a EKG, and try to relax. My sister thinks my vagus nerve could be irritated or have gallstones, but I am not certain.
I did search now about compressed nerves, and I think that is what I have. I will search more on how to relieve this, so I give immense thanks for mentioning this. I will try to give a update soon.
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I saw a physical therapist and they did wonders to get my back sorted out.  It takes a while but was worth it.  this said, if you are still having a lot of pain go back to your gp and tell them that the Nexium did not work.  I think an EKG is a good idea since a lot can be seen from one.  As well you may need further tests to see if there is anything else going on that is not heart related.  Gallstones is possible too. Unfortunately we do sometimes have to keep going back to the doctor if our problem persists.  Doctors tend to try the easiest options first.  I think they need to rule out simple problems before they can order more expensive tests.  If you go back with the same pain trying what they asked then it is a bigger issue and they should investigate more closely.  Hopefully you get your blood work results soon.  Keep me posted.  Take care.
Greetings, my apologies for not replying back for an update, I have not felt well since I last commented. I am resting in my bed currently, so I will try posting what I can.
The blood test, X-ray and C.T Scan are good, I was told by my Doctor that I was dehyrated. I am aware dehydration can cause palpitatiins, but I am not certain if dehydration also caused what I have felt before going to the emergency room on the fifth (feeling dizzy when walking or crawling, weakness in my right hand or almost fainting when I was stretching.) I almost fainted for the first time when the nurse had to take a blood sample (I never saw my vision go black before, so this experience has partially traumatized me.) I was advised to get plenty of rest due to what happened, imbibe more water and do not stress (sadly I was never perscribed any medication for my anxiety.) I am scheduled for a follow up appointment, so hopefully the symptoms will be gone. I still mostly feel pressure and gurgling around my upper abdomen when I am lying down and heart rate slightly fast (but not as severe as in the past few days), so I have to ask my doctor could my stomach be contributing to the palpitations also.

I hope you are well, I will try to keep giving updates.
I know it can be scary.  I actually have always had a problem with almost blacking out when standing up too fast. As well I passed out a few times when I was younger and anemic from heavy periods.  It is very well you were dehydrated.  Stomach issues can cause the heart to act up but if you tend to low bp a lot then adding a bit of sodium to your diet may help so maybe track your bp for a little bit and see if it tends to be low.  It is also possible you have POTS or Dysautonmia so maybe check those conditions out if your symptoms don't improve by the time you go back to the doctor and ask to be evaluated for them.  And continue to work on the gerd and see if that helps.  Hopefully you can get this to resolve soon.  Take care.
Greetings again, my apologies for not posting regularly. I am sad you experienced that, I hope you do not experience fainting today.

I am following the doctor's orders on imbibing plenty of water and resting. While I do not feel the rapid heartbeats when I am walking around or lying down, I do feel my heart rate increase after a particular meal at times. I continue to feel lack of balance randomly (when either standing or in crawl position), gurgling in my upper abdomen, fluctuating bloating, fatigue, the veins in my left wrist aching and at times bulging through the skin and since July 8 now, I see an increase of white specks in my stool. My sister thought the problem could be my liver or gallbladder, so she purchased me Christopher's liver & gallbladder formula. I am not certain if they are helping or not since the white specks are present today.

I fear I may have a parasite or worse, but since money is low, I am scared I do not have enough to see another Doctor again. May I ask if you or whomever else knows what is happening to me now? I and my family did ask to examine my abdomen on some of these symptoms when I was at Grady Hospital, but they dismissed our requests saying this may be g.e.r.d (without verifying to make sure).
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