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What is your resting heart rate?

My resting heartrate while lying down is between 60 and 70. Sitting it's between 70 and 80. Standing, walking and doing light activities it can be anywhere between 90 and 120. I'm 32 years old. I have Mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation and inappropriate tachycardia. I take 12.5 mgs of Metoprolol Succinate ER and can hopegully wean off completely soon. My blood pressure has been staying in the 90s/60s and I have horrible headrushes after standing up (disturbances in vision and light headedness) and my heart seems to race when I stand up. The metoprolol hasn't seemed to help with lowering my heart rate much other than when I'm laying but is obviously working on my blood pressure plenty. So now I'm determined to try and lower my heartrate naturally with exercise and a healthier lifestyle. I dont drink alcohol, no caffeine, eat healthy most times, but have not ever been very active in exersize until I started walking recently. So I'm curious about other people's heart rate. Has anyone with tachycardia successfully lowered their heartrate with lifestyle changes?
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