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What is??

What is LV systolic function and EF. Are they obe and the same???
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Meant to write one not obe
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Yes, EF is a measurement of systolic function. EF is percentage of the blood pumped out of the heart. Normal is above 50%
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My old echo result. Is it okay ??
L.V.end diastolic.      50
L.V end systolic.       34
Left atrium.               32
Aortic root.                33
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You need to provide some more numbers, but what you describe is within normal limits. Your Fractional Shortening is 32% which should equal an EF of 60-65%, normal systolic function. Which should indicate that your heart pumps approx 80 ml pr beat (this is just a fun fact)
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How did u calculate that sir???
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By using some formulas,

Fractional Shortening = (LV End diastolic diameter - LV end systolic diameter) / LV End Diastolic diameter %
Ejection fraction can roughly be estimated as Fractional Shortening x 2.

Stroke volume = End diastolic volume x EF. I don't remember the formula to calculate end diastolic volume, but my LV End diastolic diameter is 52 mm and my LV End diastolic volume is 135-140 ml. I would think yours is 120-125 ml (I can recalculate it if I can find that formula, but it's not important).

125 x 0,64 = 80 ml.

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