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What's wrong with my blood pressure and heart rate?

Hi, I am 21 years old, with no health problems. I have suffered from anxiety in the past, however, I have quit my medication (lexapro) about 8 months ago, and after the first 1-2 months, my anxiety completely disappeared. 8 months ago my heart rate was around 65bpm, and my blood pressure around 135/80. Nowadays, my heart rate is around 80-85bpm resting, and my BP around 145/90.

I have in the past tested my thyroid function (no problems), did several ECGs, one echo, as well as tests to check cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Everything came back normal. My doctor who I've seen recently didn't know what to say about the heart after he checked my records, so he ordered a Holter (which has been done, but results didn't come back yet).

What could account for my increase in heart rate / blood pressure after quitting the medicine? From what I remember, before starting the anxiety medicine which I took for approximately one year and a half, I also had quite high heart rate. Could this issue simply be genetic? And if it is, what can I do about it since I've heard that high heart rate increases the risk of early death?

I have attempted to take magnesium supplements, omega 3 oils, etc. as I've heard they're good for the heart, but have seen little to no improvement in heart rate or blood pressure. My doctor intends to give me blood pressure and hear rate lowering medicine if the holter comes back normal. However, I'm not too keen on taking medicine. Is there anything else that I can do to lower my heart rate and BP? Also, what else could be causing them to be higher than normal?
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It is nothing but anxiety disorder as seen from your report.Get anti depression medicine of suitable type to suit  your need from a psychiatrist  The disorder may be  related to OCD/, also called obsessive compulsion disorder, a type of disorder due to incompletion of certain aims associated with bad thoughts.
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Anyone have any other thoughts/opinions?
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Yes, I was thinking so as well... Would the yoga/meditation help with lowering my normal heart range of 80-85bpm? Thanks!
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Lowering your heart rate requires increased vagal toning and you get that through regular exercise.  Yoga and meditation main help with anxiety.  Regular exercise should also help with relieving stress.
My vagal tone seems to be quite high though. My heart rate notice-ably changes when I breathe in compared to when I breathe out, which I've read has to do with the strength of the vagal tone.
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One of the potential side effects of Lexapro and other SSRIs is lowering of heart rate.  Your current 80-85 bpm could be your normal range.  Anxiety could be the reason your BP is high.  You may want to try yoga/meditation etc.. to control that along with regular exercise.
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