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Why does it feel like my heart is going to skip, but doesn’t?

Almost every morning I wake up, I feel great. About thirty minutes to an hour of my daily routine I start to feel that fluttery feeling in my chest that usually indicates I’m going to have a PVC. I’ve suffered from PVCs for about 3-4months now every since I just about OD’d on caffeine(long story lol)
Anyways, I get this feeling in my chest like my heart is flutterying or a dropping sensation and I check my pulse to see if I feel the PVC, but it’s just a normal pulse. It’ll even happen while I’m checking my pulse and nothing changes, but still have that feeling. Does anyone know what this could be? Sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable.
Also, has anyone had a PVC after taking a deep breath and exhaling? That’s happened to me a few times lately..
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