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Why does xanax help my skips

I have suffered skips for amost 45 years and the only thing that has got me thru it is a small amount of xanax . Why would this help so much?  PS they still drive me zonkers.
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This is actually a proof that your skipped beats (premature beats) are caused by adrenaline and mental factors / anxiety, and not abnormal structures in your heart.

It's possible a small amount of beta blockers would work as well (since they blocks the effect of adrenaline and similar substances on your heart). Perhaps you should discuss this with your doctor (if you haven't already) since beta blockers are more safe to use, and does not cause drowsiness like xanax can do.

Good luck!

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All sedative will have some effects on your heart. It MAY(not PROOF) mean your skips are sue to anxiety but it's alway best to ask the Dr. I have been on Anti D's for 7 years and sedatives for about 3 year on and off and recently sleeping meds. My Dr"s ALL said my palpitation were anxiety right up untill I got my pulse watch and discovered that my heart rate was getting to 185 while walking slowly. After being put in hospital for 3 day the cardioligist finally diagnoised me with inapropriate sinus tachycardia. They told me that while they really have know idea what causes IST or how to fix it 100% that Anti D's have showed to help many people since I was already on a very high dose of anti D's they had to go with another med which is called Ivabradine, very NEW(in Australia).

So while I agree that it may be anxiety it is not proof at all. It depends on your symptoms. Sedatives can always reduce the feeling of heart sensations and even reduce the accurance of them if you were to have one ECG with no sedatives and one with sedative's. Only a Dr can tell you if the sedaitives are the way to help you in the long run with out causing you harm. There is always a SMALL chance that the sedatives MAY be hiding a problem that may need proper heart meds.

While I was in hospital it was not till the 3 day I was in the hospital when my my Tachycardia showed its true extent. This may be because I was not taking my sleeping meds while in hospital and the effect of my sleeping meds and sedative wore off compleatly. But also strangly for me anxiety lowers my heart rate as well when I panic or get seriouly anxious(mentally over thinking things) then my heart gets lower this may because I forget to breath properly I tend to hold my breath with out realising I'm doing it. My phycologist has been trying to help me with this. Since being on Ivabradine my tachycardia has been so much better and my anxiety symptoms(when I'm not over thinking) has been so much better.

Please dont think this means your have a problem and worry but also it would not wise in my oppinion to assume its anxiety even if you have anxiety issues as you CAN have both. Dr even struggle to seperate anxiety and true heart issues appart unless thay do the proper test to find out.
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i believe sedative drugs might relieve,
but also cause pvc's and tachycardia's...

it can stop tachycardia and pvc by "relaxing" the way the body works.
i don't know the exact mechanism but it's something to do with "GABA RECEPTORS".
when sedative drugs like xanax and valium stop the tachycardia's or pvc's it can be
because they were caused by mental issues.. but it could also be that they weren't mental to begin with and the sedative drugs just happen to calm the body!


when the body is addicted (or "dependent", as others like to call it)
to sedatives such as xanax, valium, zolpidem, etc...

the heart might give pvc's and tachycardia's during the time
when the body is asking for higher blood concentrations of the drug.

these are called: withdrawal symptoms.

stopping any med must always happen under doctors supervision.
often times (especially with stuff like xanax) verry slow tapering is required (for more info about this: read up on the ashton method)

some people are better off on drugs,
some people are better off off.

i guess people with heart arrhythmias may be in for a long rough time before things get better
when they decide to taper their sedative meds.
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Maybe "proof" was a strong word, but drugs against anxiety have no effect on the heart, except reducing catecholamines that affect the heart (such as adrenaline) and slowing the sympathetic nerve system (that increases heart rate or creates ectopic beats).

An example (from 30 minutes ago): I was walking up a hill, everything was fine, until some people drove past me and yelled something and I jumped up. Seconds later my heart rate increased by 40 BPM, with PACs on approx. every 5 beats.

I'm fairly certain this was catecholamines pushing me "over the edge" and starting palpitations. Don't you agree?

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I forgot something, about your IST, maybe I'm wrong here, but I didn't think IST was an arrhythmia (it's a normal heart rate, speeded up when it's not supposed to), and it's hard to say what's causing it, but it's caused by something outside the heart (nerve systems, etc).

A condition, sinus reentry tachycardia, is an arrhythmia, that can be very hard to differ from IST.

Anyway, I understand this is difficult to live with, and I'm very happy for you the Ivabradine works:)

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Thank you for all the advise, I am in fact a type AAA personality and used to have absolutely terrible panic attacks, spent Thousands of dollars to Doctors thru the years. They started when I was about 19 and lasted until I was about 50. I ran into a Doctor from Cuba in my retail store and mentioned to him about my panic attacks and he said a percentage of people cannot use the coffee bean and thought if I stopped it might cure me. which it did within 48 hours. GOD bless that doctor....my skips however continue but not everyday, sometimes I can go for a week and never have one. If I take vitamin E it just goes off the charts. The only time I take xanax is on a need only, and then very small amounts, but it works everytime. The beta blocker idea really gets me excited and I will try to see what the doctor says. Relating back to the panic attacks I believe I might have done something very bad if I had not run into the Cuban doctor, why had not one of the doctors in the previous 30 years ever mentioned this?  I feel for everyone who suffers from these symtons and hope they can find some help. PS  everytime I used to go to the dentist and got a shot of empie I thought I was going to die, finally after years and years I figured it out, and now I get shots without empie and I'm fine. No thanks to the dentists who saw me go thru my problem time after time. Once again thank you, thank you, thank you. Ron
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I never said IST was arrhythmia.

IST is a fairly new as far as being recognised(in australia)as a heart condition. They still have NO real idea what causes it or how to fix it some people live thier whole life with it while other only have it for short time before it corrects it self.

I never said viperron might have arrhythmia either.

I simply said that accepting that nothing is wrong but anxiety with out extra test might not a be a good idea if viperron was also dealing with other symptoms.

You have habbit of telling every one that there symptoms are anxiety and not to worry. While I agree that many people here may be anxious that does mean everyone here has anxiety and it sure does not mean that people here dont have anxiety and something funky going on with their heart.
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I think everyone is very different with these things.  I tried xanax when I was getting my PVCs really bad to try to sleep, as they were keeping me up all night.  It didn't help with the PVCs.

I can't even think of any possible connection.

I had PD back in my early 30s.  I moved past it years ago.  WHen I had PD and anxiety issues, I never once had a PVC.  Now that I'm free of the anxiety and PD, I get the PVCs.

So, everyone is different.
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Adrienline is not just produced because of anxiety.

It can be over produced due to many factors in the body that dont start with the heart. So when I say proper test I mean everything not just test for the heart. You have to rule out other factor as well and NOT just anxiety. I dont want to name illness with out know syptoms of a person but that why I say get more tests if you have other syptoms dont be affraid to telll you Dr every symptom even a symptom that seems silly like hichups that persist often can be a symptom. While researching my symptoms I found some amazingly simple symptoms that are indicators of possiable illnesses but this does not mean worry that you have the illness. The only way IST is diagnoised is by ruleling out all other reason for the tachycardia and that includes ECG results. There is no test for it as it's a normal HR but instead of the sinus node going off when the body needs it too it go's off for simple reasons. While in hospital my HR got to 135 just drink a glass of water.

I dont know what test you may or may not need I dont know if you need test or have had any test at all. I just know that you know how you feel and you should talk to your Dr more about it if your symptoms are interfearring with living the life you like to live.
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Your example of the anxiety reaction of your heart was true, that sound exactly like an anxiety reaction.

But I dont see how that relates to viperron's question. There was not enough information given to even remotely say if it could be anxiety or not. Which I why I tryed to answer the question and not diagnoise viperron. Its the Dr's job to diagnoise people we can guide people to information and give oppinions but I just feel it better to air on the side of caution than tell people its anxiety. It more likly anxiety for sure but that does not rule other medical condition on top of the anxiety.
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What did you say you do for your panic attacks?  I suffer from panic attacks and severe anxiety as a direct result of my tachy and PAC's.  I take atenolol 12.5mg QHS (a beta-blocker) to slow my rate down, but at times it still races.  I too, am very Type A, as many of us seem to be on this forum:)  I cannot increase my beta-blocker due to it decreasing my BP.  My BP was very low before I started the atenolol.  I also have asthma, so I am watched very closely.  I take xanax 0.25 (usually half) when my heart races or my PAC's really throw me into a panic. I have yet to find the miracle cure for the panic attacks.  You said something about the coffee bean?  
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I see your point.

I know that not all PVCs are related to anxiety, though mine (PACs, but anyway..) are. I also know, since none of us are doctors, it's always best to get a professional opinion (something I write in almost all of my answers).

My point was, if you are able to suppress palpitations with xanax, it's extremely likely that anxiety is the reason for them. A bit like if you can cure headache with physiotherapy, it's extremely likely the headache was caused by tense muscles.

Another point was, if you've had palpitations for 45 years, and the only thing suppressing them is xanax, it's obviously not a coincidence :)

Don't you agree?
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I dont really agree maybe the heart problem was minor and xanax helped for a while till recently. Maybe some life changed changed things in ones body to make some thing els happen. Maybe 1 of million things could be happening.

viperron said the xanax got him threw but they drive him zonkers still maybe the xanax only sedated him enough to ignore them slightly to get threw. All I know is I was dealing with sensation in my heart all the time for 45 years I would go insane I swear I am only 35 and my palpitation drive me bonkers all the time when I tryed to lower my anti D meds I was dealing with 24 hour palpiation and gave up trying. I been feeling prety good latly since being on ivabradine so I tryed a day with lower anti D and I did not have 24 hour palpitation I was a little aggitated but no major palp's. Is that a coincidance, it says to me that maybe a huge percentage of my palps were controllable from my sinus node on my heart since ivabradine has shown to only effect the sinus node. Does this mean I was anxious most of my life or had a heart issues all my life I still have know idea I just know the meds work and that really all I care about at the moment is having a life with out palps and with energy.

Your not wrong for sujesting anxiety as reason but things change people get older and body change. Scientific brack threws happen new meds happen, things change, I see a phycologist as well as look for other reason for why I may being dealing with my symptoms because no matter what speaciallist you see you likly to get an answer but if the reconmended treatment has little effect for you maybe it time to seek a new speicalist oppinion in different area.

I have  hayfever, skin allergies, food, intolerance, asthma, mental illness(depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD), I get restless syndrome, migraines, insomnia and proberly more lol. ALL of my symptoms overlap I never know what I'm going to have to deal with on daily bases it drive me nuts, and I hate medication. My Dr first thought my symptoms were related to the insomnia so she put me on sleeping meds. it help a litle with some of my symptoms, then she gave put on higher strength pain meds for the intence leg pain which has gotten so much better since being on ivabradine proberly because my circulation is so much better. The point is that just one of my symptoms (leg pain) was proberly cause by my insomnia and my tachycardia and also from depression meds(zyprexa) which is when it first started. One symptom can be made worse from several issues. I recently read that pain can contribute to tachycardia which could easily explain why walking caused very high tachycardia and why carrying stuff made the tachycardia worse again. Since going on ivabradine I have notice with more accuracy that when I get headach I tachy and once the pain meds kick in the tachy HR is so much better. Some time when if you have more than one illness it take longer to get a diagnoises due to the Dr's having to figure out what symptom belongs to what problem.

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No they still do the trick, every time, it's just I hate being dependant on them and I only take them after the skips start which I believe is the trick. I do not take them the way the doctor wanted me to like 2 or 3 everyday. It's almost like my security blanket.  Probably the only thing I do wrong is fighting taking a xanax, like yesterday my heart was skipping every 3rd beat for about 2 hours before I gave it and took a .5 pill, within about 35 minutes I was ok.
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I would never want to take a benzodiazepinen drug 2 or 3 times a day. Have you thought about asking to try a Anti D med instead luvox(fluvoximaine melate) reduced my heart sensation. If your Dr thinks its anxiety at least in part an anti D would be a more productive way of dealing with them if infact anxiety is casing them.
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Mum, I appreciate you trying to help me however sometimes I wonder if you are really reading what I'm writing,, I only take an extremely small amount of xanax, like less than .25 mg and only after I cannot control the skips any other way, I have never taken 2 or 3 in one day, not saying that I wouldn't. I'd take rat poison if it helped me escape that terrible feeling. And once again thank you for the feed back.....The next statement is for Rilesnic, I suffered from panic attacks for decades....skipped beats are a walk in the park compared to a full blown panic attack. I spend thousands of dollars and wasted hundreds of hours with our A typical doctors to no avail... I tried everything. Quite by accident I had a Cuban Doctor come into my retail store and explain that where he is from it is common knowledge that some people cannot use either the coffee bean or the cocoa bean, I stopped drinking my de'cafe and within 24 hours my attacks stopped. I have not had a full blown panic attack for over 15 years, it's just a shame one of the American doctors couldn't have advised me on this 20 years before. I have tried to share this story to a few people who suffer panic attacks and to my amazement they have not tried it. The only thing I can think is they have never really had a REAL panck attack.If this helps even one person I will be an extremely happy person.
I would never suggest an antidepressant. Benzos, as bad as they are, are still good for some things. Antidepressants are largely experimental and drug companies have been paying record fines for lying about their efficacy, or hiding the huge risks. 3 billion paid by GSK for lying to the public for instance.
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I never said you were taking 2-3 a day I was agreeing with you and sujesting that maybe you try an anti D if you want more relife from the skip sensation. If anxiety is causeing the skip feeling an anti D is more likly to help control the feeling than a sedative. sedatives have a short half life and only hide the feeling anti D have a longer half life and produce the chemicals that are more likly to fix the skips if anxiety is causing them.

I have great sympathy for you and you medical system I'm lucky to live in australia where medicare pays for the the Dr's. I have also noticed from talking to many people in many countries that anxiety is often treated with only sedatives and thats a shame as australia has strict rule on sedative and there not use treat anxiety there to give tempary releaf from stress, anxiety, you never get just sedatives or sedative first when a Dr suspect anxiety.

I only take a small amount of my sedatives and I struggle to stay awake on them or not zone out I go threw  a 25pack of 5mg of nitrazapam in 3month's.

I was trying to agree with you on sedatives I think its you that making assumtion I never said i disagreed with you.
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If you have a healthy heart, and no heart disease how about you take nothing and move on with your life.  Is there really such a thing as Inappropriate sinus tachycardia.  I mean if they dont know what causes it, and dont know how to fix it (besides jack you up on beta blockers) then isnt it just how your body works.  IST sounds like a oxy moron to me.
The problem is the PVC c's cause dizziness headaches sleeplessness and other issues so it easier said than done
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Your only tool is a hammer so you see every problem as a nail.
Your mouth is writing checks your body and mind can’t cash.
Your like a dripping tap: you hear him but can't turn him off.

Its always best to just give knowledge from personal experience and not talk like you know everything and are a M.D.

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If you want to just pay people out how about you go find a new site yahoo might suit you well thay like to harras people just like you lol
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Ivabradine IS NOT a beta blocker

This coming from some one who rather get jacked up on cocain wow how you start asking for legal med's to deal with obvious personality problem.

You might want to keep the name calling to your self as it just make you look like the moron. As far as the oxy part you a wasting oxy...gen if you think what you said has anything to do with this thread.
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I was prescribed cardizem for my bouts if skips and tachycardia. Its a Calcium Channel Blocker (type of beta blocker) and has helped me 100%. It seems that I had borderline High Blood Pressure which contributed to the A-Fib, PVC's, and fast heart rates in the morning after waking up and taking a shower.  Its a 120mg 24hr extended release capsule, once a day.

Wow, what a change it has made to my life.

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So far that show I feel about Ivabradine so far. I'm getting my energy back again.
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I will say whatever I feel like, I dont need your permission to post whatever I feel like saying.  I never said that lvabradine was a beta blocker, obviously you are taking words out of context like usual.  Why dont you stick with your new prescription and go find another website to harass people.  You think you know everything than why are you on this sight.  
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