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Why still no help?

Hi, everyone, I just saw my EP and was a little dissapointed to say the least. He said I continue to have a lot of pvc's,still have low heart rate,pulse. But at this time I don't need a pacemaker, no medications I can take yet to help.Pretty much live with them and see me in 6month's and will see if any change. I don"t know what i expected from the visit, i don't think it was live with it, bye, see you in six month's. hansonkay
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Hello Kay...

I am sorry that you were disappointed with your visit to the EP. It can be pretty disheartening to feel like there are no answers or solutions to your problem. It is equally frustrating when you get yourself psyched up for an appt hoping to hear good news, only to be told to, "live with them and see you in 6 months."

I wish that I had some solution to offer you. All I can offer you is my support and a

Hang in there!:D
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Thank you for you're support, and you're hug. It does help to know there are people to talk to like you! It always helps to talk to someone. Thanx hope you are doing well. hansonkay
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I too am working with the "live with it".  My biggest problem with chronic AFib is building up some physical stamina.  I don't have any real problem when at rest/sleeping (unless it has something to do with my nutty dreams).  

My EP has offered stronger medications, medications that require hospitalization for the start-up, I decided I didn't want that yet.  He is opposed to ablation as my symptoms are tolerable,  i.e., live with it.

On the plus, medicine can do something, I was able to get my mitral valve repaired just over a year ago.  The surgeon did a great job best I/we can tell at this point, no more mitral valve problems, which were life threatening, but the AFig goes on.  So, some things can be fixed, I suppose 50 years ago a person couldn't get a mitral valve repaired.  

Maybe next year there will be some new break-through in heart medicine that will cure many of the arrhythmia problems. We can hope.  
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Thanx for the reply Jerry ,good to hear from you. Sorry about the a-fib, it's great they were able to repair the mitral valve . At last someone that understands after you have seen you"re EP he more or less tells you to deal, and go on with you're life. Easy for him to say,huh. You can take meds. to help, I can't even take any meds at all as my pulse is to low. I have my good day's and bad day's. We do have to go on for ourself and family. That would be wonderful in the year's to come if their is a break-through. I wil wait and hope for that day. Take care. hansonkay
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