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Will a slow heart rate become more normal after time passes when taking sotalol?

I'm on the lowest dose of 80 mg and have been on sotalol for 8 days. My heart rate is steadier but in the low 50s. I feel very weak and a bit light headed as well as somewhat unsteady on my feet. I've talked to the nurse. She told me the doctor is gone for the next two weeks, but he sometimes checks his messages. She said the next step would be to switch to multaq, but that would require his authorization.  He had ruled that out due to its usual lower success rate, I believe. And my research shows slow heart rate as a common side effect. She said I could switch back to the metoprolol and diltiazem regimen I had been on. But that was when I was experiencing very rapid heart rates that felt awful. So is this what life is going to be from now on?  Or will I develop tolerance to the sotalol?
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Often side effects disappear after a few weeks of starting the medication, so give it some time.
If, after a few weeks, you are still experiencing your current symptoms, discuss with your doctor.
There are many different beta blockers and sometimes product a is best for patient 1 and product b is better for patient 2. It often is trial and error to find out what works best for you.
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