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Worried about abnormal electrocardiogram

I was doing some work experience at a hospital and some young medical students wanted to test me with an electrogram. The reading from the ECG showed that it was abnormal and the medical students were not sure what the cause could be. They thought it was probably because I had an active lifestyle but said I should check it up with someone with more knowledge.

I've added a photo of my ECG. (All the weird circles are from moisture from the rain)
It can also be viewed here -> http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/2721/ecgry7.jpg

Many Thanks
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Do you have any symptoms associated with the abnormalities?  
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Maybe they hooked it up wrong or there was a fault connection?
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I haven't had any symptoms associated with these abnormalties.
Also I don't think it is likely it was a faulty connection since it was a ECG from a hospital.  
I've been studying the Cardiovascular system and Electrocardiograms, so when my lecturer stated all these different abnormalties and how some people have them throughout their lives without symptoms it got me really worried.
I read an article somewhere that Italy legally requires those participating in competitive sports to undergo preparticipation ECG screening to rule out cardiovascular disease.
It said something about how an abnormal ECG in a young highly trained athlete could be might be the first expression of an underlying cardiomyopathy that might not show itself until later years.
I used to do alot of cardio sports in highschool but since then the only cardio sports I compete in seriously is karate.

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There is a really good chance that the students made a mistake and they are doing the perfectly correct thing which is to direct you to a more experienced doctor for further evaluation.  I suggest doing this.  If the reading was full of artifacts due to incorrect operation of the machine or incorrect placement of the leads, then you will know right away and all will be well.  If you have an abnormality, it may be completely benign and "normal" for you.  An experienced cardiologist will be able to tell you.

While I know this is easier said than done, I would suggest that you not worry yet.  First of all, worrying will do nothing but cause you to experience symptoms associated with anxiety, which often mimic heart problems and do nothing more than exacerbate the situation.  Secondly, it's kind of like when you go to the ATM and it says you have no money in the bank, but you know that you have PLENTY of money.  It's kind of scary, but more an annoyance than anything.  You know you have to go through all the hoops, but it will work out in the end.  

That's where you are now.  There is a CHANCE that there may be something going on.  IF that is the case (IF) then think how lucky you are that your local med students chose you to experiment on :-).  If you are 100% fine then you will know it and feel the reassurance and confidence to put this all behind you.  If you find out that you have some sort of benign abnormality that you don't even notice, then thank your lucky stars that you don't notice any of it and follow your doctors advice.  Personally, I don't care if I have PVC's or a murmur or anything else if it is benign and I don't feel it.  Under those conditions.....who cares???  :-)

As a final note, please realize that med students are STUDENTS who are learning a lot of stuff.  PVC's and the like are BENIGN if they are occuring in a structurally normal heart.  But to a med student ANYTHING out of the ordinary (not textbook) is cause for concern.  More experienced doctors may see your ECG and shrug their shoulders in a "who cares...this is nothing" sort of way.  

Good luck....God Speed.

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Thanks alot dolfnlvr

That makes me feel alot more relaxed about things
I'm going to take another ECG just to make sure the medical students didn't do it wrong and also see a cardiologist just to confirm what cause the abnormal ECG.
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wow now im worried again! I redid an ECG with the doctor and it turns out it was really abnormal. The doctor believes it was somehow related to my conduction pathway, but he decided to take a blood test to make sure an electrolyte balance wasn't affecting my ECG.
It turns out my blood test was normal except that I had an elevated count of thryoid stimulating hormone in my blood.
I heard that an elevated TSH can have implications on my vagal and sympathetic innervation which could then develop into an arrhythmia but I'm not really sure exactly how this works.
The doctor has referred me to a cardiologist and I won't be consulted for another 3 or so weeks so anyone who can help explain what is happening would be greatly appreciated!
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I can't explain what is happening but just wanted to send out some moral support. There are many conditions,each with their own degrees of seriousness. I doubt anyone here can explain what is happening to you and a bunch of amateur diagnosis based on limited information aren't going to help you anyway. Try not to dwell on it too much until you see the cardiologist, and understand that even when you see him/her you may not get all the answers right away; there may be more tests. Good luck!
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I finally referred to a cardiologist who redid my ECG which showed a RBBB (right bundle branch block).
With this a Echo and Bubble test was ordered. The results showed there was a small transient shunt between the atrium from R to L, and also that my left ventricle was enlarged appearing to be squeezing abnormally.
With this a MRI was ordered, and the results for this showed normal squeezing, even flow between both ventricles, an enlarged right ventricle and surprisingly an enlarged left ventricle.
I was finally diagnosed having just a normal variant.

My question is if the RBBB, the shunt, and enlargement of both ventricles are related in any way, or is it purely coincidental that I just have 4 different normal variants in my heart?
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