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adrenline surges that shake my stomach and shakes my heart out of rhythm

I get these adrenaline rushes when I lay down for a afternoon nap. I will get a 10-12 that last around 20 seconds in a span of 30 minutes. They get less frequent as I get sleepy. Evening sleep around 4-5 then none all night. The adrenline rushes are like waves that shake my stomach and throws my heart out of rhythm. any answers?
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I feel most of my skipped beatd (pvcs) bit on the right of my stomach pit (solar plexus region  just below your breast bone)...and always bit to the right. They often feel like SPASMS as well. I often feel it is something that sets my pvcs off and it has to do with my stomach/esophagus/diaphragm era.. I have many skipped beats (often trigeminy or quadrigeminy)) when laying down or sitting... but way way less when walking..and just doing some stuff straight up.
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Hello, I have a  Adrenal specialist set up in a month. He is Adrenal disorder specialist. I hope he has answers. I do a lot of praying. It has hit me hard the last few weeks. I have the same conditions. I try to focus on positive things. I do not lay down for a nap. Afternoons are bad. Have a appointment with my cardiologist a couple of days later and will show him what happens with a EKG test. I talked with him a month ago and he said it was stress. He did all kinds of tests all are positive a month ago. This is a new problem and did not show up with the tests, because it was not bad at all at that time. Have you talked with any specialist about this ? How long have you  had this  (PVCS) ? It helps knowing  there are many who have this. Thank you for answering my question.
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