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New doctor has taken me off 100mg Amiodarone and replaced with 25mg toprol XL.  I am experiencing dizziness, extreme sensitivity to heat and sunlight, confussion...I have waited a week thinking the side effects would subside. Internet research has led me to believe that the amiodarone can stay in my system for up to ninety days...or is it the beta blocker I am having a bad reactiont to??? Did the amiodarone damage my eyes? My vision has declined substantially over the past two years.
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Amiodarone is the "strongest" rhythm medication I know of, it is always prescribed and initiated with great care...and I do understand it takes time for it to work out of your system once one stops taking it.  

As for the 25mg dose of Toprol XL, that is a very low dose of a relatively "mild" medication, it should have no side-effects, unless they are related to latent Amiodarone.  You need to discuss with your doctor.
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Thanks for the advise. I have a call in...
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I have been taking 50mg of Toprol XL for a few yrs now and have not noticed any of those side effects. Please let us know what you found out!! Do you have PVC's or what kind of arrhythmias?
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