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anterior ischemia

I have been having irregular heartbeats for several years.  Two years ago I was put on verapamil (for high blood pressure and to help with PVCs).  I had a real bad episode of strong irregular heart beats and was referred to a cardiologist.  The irregular beats are most noticeable at rest.  I was referred to a cardiologist.  After describing my symptoms the doctor said it sounded like what I was describing was "escape" heartbeat??  I was taken off verapamil and had an echocardiogram, blood tests, holter monitor and chemical stress test.  I was told the echo looked okay, the blood test looked okay (exept they did not do a cholesterol test in error), but the stress test was abnormal, and I have not heard on the holter monitor results.  The nurse who called me the results said it appeared a part of my heart was getting insufficient oxygen and they wanted to schedule a catherization to check for a blockage.  She said it was called anterior ischemia.  I asked if there was an urgency to the catherization, and she said they like to schedule within two weeks of the results of the tests.  I asked it I needed to do anything different, and she said just to take it easy and don't "overdo it".  Needless to say, I am stressed and fearful of a heart attack occurring at anytime before I get the caterization.  I will be visiting with the doctor tomorrow, but am interesting in hearing any feedback now.  Can anterior ischemia cause irregular heartbeats?
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A catheter study (the "gold standard") is normally prescribed for stress test results that raise the possibility of blockage in the heart arteries.  I have been through the same more than once, and happily the catheter showed I did not have blockage, i.e., no bypass surger or stints needed.  

I don't know the ration but from my experience suspect the stress test is (has to be) overly pessimistic.  That is if you "pass" the stress test you don't have an blockage, but if you "fail" the stress test you many not have any either, the test just isn't sure/clear.

I'd recommend the catheter be done, and that you follow the guidance given. I don't remember taking any special precautions while waiting, but I didn't try to run a foot race either (or shovel snow).
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My question is I had Arterior Eschemia May of 2010 classified as a Mild Sroke Blood Pressure was and wouldn't go lower than 178/198. I have recovered thanks to the lord, But recently I have been having an issue with my heart beating so hard it is up in my throat and also from time to time I suffer heart fluttering which takes my breath. I am on Thyroid Medication and Blood Pressure medications and Seizure medication daily. But this issue with my heart just recently started and it doesn'tmatter if I am sitting completely still or not. If I have to walk very far it gets worse where it feels like my heart is beating out of my chest and that is only from walking normally, Can you please let me know what you think about this.
Thanks Vickie
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The best advice is see you doctor.  

It would be a good idea to think hard about any physical or emotional changes that have happened in your life that correspond to the new symptoms.

Be sure you doctor knows all medications you are taking including any over-the-counter you may have decided to take, including supplements.

I think too you may be more inputs if you make a new post, not connect to a post that has been dormant for 3 years.   You subject line should contain you question as best can be done in a few words.
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