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anxiety/panic attacks due to propranolol.

I've been using propranolol over a year for performance anxiety.
I made the mistake to stop cold turkey for about two weeks during semester break. I used to take 120mg.
When school started again,during the first week I used propranolol for two days at the same dose and I realised that blushing,high blood pressure,palpitations came back.
The second week I tried to increase the dose in order to overcome withdrawl. However, the outcome was even worse. Tremor and trembling voice came back.
Overall, I have school lessons 3-4 times a week. This Monday, starts the third week. Would you suggest me to continue to the previous dose(120mg) and wait until propanolol works or should I change to a different beta blocker? (preferably with high lipophilicity as I've read that beta-blockers with high lipophilicity are supposed to be the best for anxiety related issues.)

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I tried going this route and my experience was that I built resistance to the med.  My body kept finding ways to work around it.  

The only thing that really worked for me was cognitive behavior therapy.  Meds are great for a crisis situation, say perhaps to get you through one or two weeks.  Beyond that, you can't rely on the meds.

Longer term, an SNRI worked really well for me.  SSRI did not work well, for me.  But I've always made it my goal to be off those too, and CBT has been the best solution.

This is just my humble experience.
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p.s. on this, if you have to stick to a beta blocker, there are two types.  Selective and non-selective.  Propanolol is non-selective so it works for things like blushing, it blocks all adrenal receptors.  Selective are usually specifically for cardiac muscle.
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