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anyone else have strange symptons with pvc's?

I'm 79, happy, and healthy in every way except a re-start of benign pvc's having first had them at age 50 for about a period of 8 mos. and then no more.  No they have returrned with a vengeance, along with lots of lightheadedness, and some chest tightness, and LOTS of "skipped beats".  Recently had complete heart workup with stress treadmill, ekgs, holtor monitor, echocardiogram (not in that order) and diagnosis is still benign pvc's.  Have any of you had these newer symptoms along with benign pvcs?  
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I have the same symptoms and have had a-fib and PVC's for 25 years.  I get the slight squeeze in the chest the the flip flop feeling.  This sometimes goes on for days.  My cardiologist calls them heart hiccups.  I have had all the usual tests. Nothing shows up.  He tries to be reassuring to me but some days I feel like I am going to lose it.  Having someone to talk to here who understands my issue is a big help.  
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You didn't mention being on any medications, perhaps your PVCs can be reduced with use of a beta blocker.  

We all have increasing heart rhythm anomalies with the passing of years.  You were luck to get a "holiday" from age 50 to the present time.  I know that doesn't help going forward, but it was a bit of good fortune in any case.

My AFib showed up to my conscious mind at about the age of 55 and has gotten progressively unresponsive to treatments as the years have gone by.  I am currently in permanent AFib, with mild (thankfully) symptoms.
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When mine are bad for whatever reason I don't feel good at all, any my stomach becomes pretty sensitive to what I eat. I'm not sure if it's the stress from the PVC's making me feel ill or my body just not being happy with the situation when my heart is doing it's deal. Either way I know eventually it will pass and things will get back to normal, it's just a waiting game at this point.
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