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anyone hear of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardial Syndrome?

I was just told by a cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic, that my symptoms were consistent with POTS. Postural Orthastic Tachycardial Syndrome. A realtively new disorder that is not accepted by mainstream cardiologists. Including my own. I am going to see a specialist soon, to see if I have this disorder. It pretty much explains my constant chest pain, sycope, tachycardia, fatigue, cyanosis, temp. problems, etc.. If anyone has been diagnosed please let me know.  Thanx,

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my electrophysiologist seems to think I have POTS, though I have never passed out and very rarely feel light headed.

I'm not activity intolerant either, it's just that I have to stop some things when my heart rate gets out of control. I also have high blood pressure, not low blood pressure.

I am getting a tilt test done next week and if that is negative, then I am getting an EP study done.

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Thank you for writing back. I went to a POTS specialist and it turns out I don't have POTS, thank GOd. I just arrived home from another week in the hospital, and thankfully I saw a pain specialist, who diagnosed me with costochondritis. The medicine is working and for the first time in three months I have very little pain. I've given up on ablations for a cure, because it seems the last ablation caused my new problem. Anyway, I'm back on flecainide and low dose metoprolol and so far it's is working great, I'm finally out of the wheelchair. I hope you are doing well.

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That's what my cardiologist called it when I was pregnant.  I guess I didn't really realize it was so out of the mainstream.  Since then, other cardiologists have done a lot more with it and call it by several other names, but all those things still stand.  How does it get treated as a stand alone problem.  How fast does your rate go?  How cyanotic do you get?  It reads in my history but is not really addressed as such anymore.  I never really knew what to do with that either.  We just struggled to keep my rate under 150 for months.  I've had lots of trouble since '02 with being very activity intolerant.  Are you?
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