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arythmia and gas and smoking

I Believe smoking to certain people more than others can be a very harmful and as for me I exercise very steadily and sing and I do a lot of breath control exercises for my singing and play drums very hard and I still lightly smoke cigarette and sometimes while I am active I get a arrhythmia it lasts for 3 or 4 minutes I feel my heart is pounding so fast I could even feel my heart beat in my throat and sometimes I get a panic about it and that will make my heart even go faster but I notice that its related somehow to my stomach and gastric reaction  what I mean its more likely to occur after a heavy meal I appreciate it if I get some help on this issue.
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Thanks so much for all the great info you really hit the exact spot I was wondering I love spicy food very much cause I heard it clears out Flem from the chest and throat and it makes me sweat so is it possible  that I have some kind of an old chronic esophagitis or some kind of stomach inflammation and that is the main cause of my problem causing the feeling of full stomach and Bloating and the need of Burping but there is nothing to come out its all just sensation and Spice make it worse although while I am eating it doesn't bother me at all. Thanks again for you great help
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Eat small meals, avoid spicy foods, don't gulp icy drinks.  All these things irritate the vagus nerve that lies alongside the esophagus.  Panic can make it worse, you start pumping out adrenaline and your heart goes faster.  I take a protonpump inhibitor -- Prevacid -- and that helps.  Don't lie down too soon after you eat.
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