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just a quick question, im on metoprol 50 mg once a day bc of a 78 to 81 average bpm and now my heart rate is 60 to 66 bpm on the med is that to low should i tell my doc ? im 23 years if that helps 6'4 320lbs, i dont know if that matters ?
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I have recently been placed on 25 mg Atenolol for fast heart rate.  Fornunately, I have been able to lose some weight over the last year.  My highest weight was 202, now I'm 184.  I would like to lose more.  I'm 5'8", 44 yo male.  This weight loss was relatively easy, as I stopped lifting heavy weights and started counting calories.  A Dr. told me weight lifting was bad for my heart, another one said is okay.  I have started back to lifting light weights.  The decreased weight hopefully has taken some strain off of my heart.  It will be tough to lose the next 14.  Sounds like you may be ready for some lifestyle changes.  Losing some weight may help with taking some strain off of your heart.  We are all in this together.  Hope everything works out.
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Your result with metoprolo (ER I assume) sounds about right.  Most of us would be happy with an at reast HR of 60-65 bpm.
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