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blood pressure monitor

i have a blood pressure monitor that has a heart beat on it,i never had a problem with it before . yesterday was syressed took blood pressure it was good 117/78 but the little heart thing showed up, it says it will when you have irregular heart beat..  my question is coulds it been a pac/pvc i have them but never had one to show up on monitor .has anyone ever had this or can a pac/pvc show up on one.
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I've had the irregular HR symbol show up many times on my blood pressure machine - while the machine was beeping perfectly evenly and correlating to an even neck pulse, then I've had it also come up with pvc's as well (feeling them in my chest and hearing the extra beep on the monitor).  The manual does not explain exactly what the machine picks up, just differentiation in pulse, but it notes that it shouldn't be an alarming indication, just to retake it and sit very still while doing so.  If the irregular symbol comes up multiple times during a one week period while taking your BP several times a day, then it's recommended that you bring it up to your doc.  It is though a little disconcerting when the irregular symbol comes up and in actuality I felt/heard no abnormal rhythm.  Unless it happens often, I try to ignore those unclear symbols.
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I know through professional knowledge that the b/p cuffs w. a pulse indicator have a huge margin of error on them and you need to basically weed out what may or may not be a correct reading on it.  Absolutely anything can cause an abnormal reading which has nothing to do with your body...one of the most common is the cuff not being calibrated correctly or a general calibration done by the manufacturer.....the thing i would pay attention to is if the cuff is showing some sort of abnormal reading and you are having some sort of symtoms fine.....then time to sit up and take notice...however if you are getting a poor reading and feel fine...well.....i think your answer may be there.....
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These things are just timing the R-R interval from pulse to pulse, which is a really crude way to detect an arrhythmia.  In other words, it's counting the time between each pulse hit or those beeps you hear.  It's not in any way sensing or analyzing electrical activity.

Normal respiratory sinus arrhythmia could probably trigger it.

I think they're junk, just my humble opinion.  Going to see a lot of false positives or even worse, some false negatives.
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THANKS ALL , i have had this a while never had it happen before. i did retake it and it did not come back . took today no problems, i did feel a skip heart beat after i took it so not sure if i had one at time and did not feel it or if it just happen to show up . who knows but i felt fine at time and still do. thanks again always good to hear from others who have had it happen.
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My machine just did it for the first time and it scared me too. I do have heart palpitations,but are pretty much controlled with meds, but felt a little shaky and that's why I took my BP.  My BP was 90/59 P. 63 which yes is low, but I sometimes run low and the doctor's always say how do you feel? If you feel ok, don't worry, look at your symptoms. I ate a little MSG which I am sensitive too. So thought maybe that's why I felt shaky.  I'm going to walk to mailbox and see what it is when I get back.
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