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buzzing/tremor in chest

When I run or do any other intense cardio exercise, I experience a buzzing/tremor like sensation in my chest right where my heart is.  I have heart palpitations quite often while at rest, and I also have a heart murmur that i'm undergoing tests for with a cardiologist, but i don't usually experience any symptoms while exercising.  This has been happening for approx 2 weeks now.  

I'm 28 female 5'7" and 135lbs.  I eat healthy and exercise.

Any anwers or thoughts are very very very much appreciated.

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Have you been able to take your pulse when this is happening?  If so, what has it been?
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I wouldn't worry about it.  I started getting that buzzing/tremor under my left breast a few months ago.  I wore a monitor last week and it was doing it.  It wasn't associated with my heart.  Just nerve endings I guess.  My pulse is always normal and slow when I feel the buzzing.  Just tell your doctor.  Mine wasn't concerned.
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It was around 135, which is normal for the exercise I was doing.  I notice it most when i inhale.

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