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cant climb stairs

hi - I am a 60 year old female who can swim twenty lengths of a 25m pool with not too much effort and only slight breathlessness but who cannot walk up one flight of stairs without feeling as if i have run a marathon - doctors say i am fine however i also feel as if i have run the marathon after eating and have to lie down until my heart rate settles and i feel ok again - any ideas anyone -
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You're not alone.  I run my butt off in a day at work.  I walk miles with my husband. I've done weights in a gym for months at a time....I cannot climb stairs.  Steep hills give me some trouble, too.  I have been like this my entire life.  If they ever tell you why, let me know.
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   I am a 65 year old male, and even with two 40-70% blocked arteries  I can do a 10 mile round trip hike in the high mountains of Wyomingwith no trouble.    If pace my step with my heart rate and breathing, everything works out well.  I have found, however, when climbing stairs too fast or doing anything strenuous that requires putting an extra load on my cardiovascular system, I tend to get out of breath.  I attribute that to the developing blockages and not getting enough oxgenated blood to my heart.  No medical person has told me that, but that is what I believe.  
   It may be worth having a 64 slice CT to image your coronary arteries.  It may be you have similar issues.  
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Yes, that can very well be it.  However, I have no blockages and have had a normal heart for all my life. I was still that kid who couldn't pedal a bike up a hill, though.  I ran like the wind when I sprinted but steps and me do not get along. Maybe it is because I have skinny legs!  lol
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I have a similar problem, following heart valve surgery 10 months ago.  My main problem is a throbbing-like pain in the legs, like one gets from a hard workout, but I did not consider one flight of stairs a hard work out.

I underwent a circulatory study of my legs a couple of days ago, including some echo-whatever studies of my leg veins....  I will hear from my doctor in the coming weeks on a follow-up visit.

I believe part of the problem is I am on Toprol (50 mg twice a day) and as that lowers my normal blood pressure (I take Toprol to control heart rate, not blood pressure) and it lowers my blood pressure, e.g., the above post, not enough oxygen getting to my legs.  I also report I underwent an electrocardioversion   8 days ago, and not that has returned my heart to sinus from afig, this has greatly lowered my heart rate, near 60 at rest, but still hard to climb stairs or hills (will try the bike on Wednesday if the weather holds), so I hope I can get off of Toprol.  

Well too much about me, [can't climb stairs] are you on any heart medications, such as Toprol?  If yes, that may be your problem source.
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I am 63 years old and have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis along with severe arthritis in my back. I am overweight being 5 6" and 200 pda. I can't walk more than a couple of feet or can't stand more than a couple of minutes because of back pain. Now just recently I am having a hard time lifting my leg to get in the car. And also can not climb any stairs at all. What would that be from?
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