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cardiac ablation

I am just home after being unable to have the proceedure without medications
am scheduled now for Nov 17th with general anesthia
what is the difference?
which is better?
I take metropol XR 50 each night and for the most part this has keep the palpatations under control
reading all the stories of after ablation surgery and pain am I better off with out it?
I am now terrified to have the proceedure any hel[ is greatly appreciated thanks
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I sorry to hear about your false start,  Can you tell us what hapened?  I'm getting mine done  one day before yours.
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I am a little confused by your post....when you said you are unable to have the procedure without medications...what does that mean exactly?  Were you in the EP Lab and they began the ablation and then stopped and if so what was the issue with what medications?  Were you going to tough it out without anything and then you became to stressed?  Did your heart start acting up?  Did you just go to see the EP doc and they said they want you on general anest, to knock you out during the procedure...or are they talking about a twightlight medication?  I am sorry i am just sort of really confused by what happened here.  We usually stop taking the meds under the doctors order about three days before the procedure for good reasons.  I want to help but i need you to help me out a little here on this one.  Why would you now be terrified to have the ablation when it sounds like you weren;t before.  As far as after your ablation goes it you are just having a simple catheter ablation thru the groin area there really isn;'t any pain after the procedure ....the worst part is just a dull ache in the groin and usually we're told just to put ice on it for a couple of hours and it works.  The anest. won't have anything at all to do with your pain levels after any surgery except to make you a little loopy and tired until it wears off.  Maybe you could re post exactly what happened to you and what was said....
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I went in tuesday morning was prepped and into the operating room  but
I was shaking and afraid and the doctor said he was not going to give me any medication until the catheter was in my heart and he knew where the defect was located  and I got even more afraid because he kept saying you have to lie straight and not move at all or the catheder could move inside my heart and cause damage.  the anestheiologist and I talked and it was determined that I would do better under general anesthea so they took off the leads etc and sent me back to my room  and I have to say that I was relieved.  He was so adiment about not moving and not medicated until the location was found that I just said I
dont want to have it today and that was fine with all there
as far as the preparation I did stop medication four days before and had one episode last sunday and was told to take the short fast acting metoprolol which stopped the racing  I think I am still scared after my failure yesterday
I am booked for Nov 17 under general anesthia and will have time to talk over with the anesthiologist on Nov10. to go over everything before
It was my decision with the input from the anesthiologist yesterday
I do wonder what the difference is because he wouldn't even give me a valium to calm me down prior to the treatment because it would slow my heart down and now general anesthea doesnt that slow everything down also?

Also reading some of the post surgery problems on the blog makes me think  does anyone have a successful cure from this?
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They did my ablation under general anesthesia.  I had somebody here question that, so I asked my doc.  He said there's +/- to general vs. twilight. The negative of twilight being: the patient can experience pain and flinch wihch moves the catheter or in your case too nervous.

They did me under general... I haven't had an SVT since.  I'm really settling into this new ticker.

Also, if your doc told you it was 90% chance of success, and only a small 1% chance of them nicking your lung or whatever complication (assuming you don't wiggle! ;-) ) then go into that surgery 90% PUMPED THAT THEY'RE GOING TO FIX YOU, 10% Cautious that it could possibly not work and <1% nervous that you're going to be hurt.

I'm not a nervous guy... so I was pretty cool about the whole thing.
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Ok on all that you posted.  WIth all the team assembled there, I wonder why they didn't give you general right then?

At any rate, I hope your second trip in is a success.  I am pretty anxious too.  I spoke with the scheduler today and asked him about whether I'd be under or not.  "General anesthesia" he said.  That's what I wanted to hear!
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I had my ablation with nothing, no meds at all.
I was shaking like mad on the table but when the procedure started and the numbing of the groin was over a calmness came over me. I just wanted the SVT to be gone and would do anything to get it over and done with.
It is not a pleasant experience at all but it is a tolerable one and one that can be done without medication.
I did ask the cardiologist as I was getting on the table if he could give me some sedatives, but he said he didn't want to as it is difficult to find the problem. I just went with the flow and did as they said.
I may end up going again as It was 50/50 for success, will see soon.
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