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cardiac ablation

I am just home after being unable to have the proceedure without medications
am scheduled now for Nov 17th with general anesthia
what is the difference?
which is better?
I take metropol XR 50 each night and for the most part this has keep the palpatations under control
reading all the stories of after ablation surgery and pain am I better off with out it?
I am now terrified to have the proceedure any hel[ is greatly appreciated thanks
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I think that taking the general anesthia is the best way to go.  I have had 3 EPs and Ablations and had a bad experience with the 'twilight' option the first time around (woke up to being de-fibd during the procedure...hurts like nothing else).  The last 2 went smooth, woke up later that day and went home the next morning.  However, the Dr did say that it is not common for the patient to be aware of things at that point in the procedure.  
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Why rush it? If your having bad feelings about the procedure put it off. It's not like the statistics show its a guarantee to fix your problem. Many people need additional treatments.

Personally I felt like my Dr. was in a rush to do it to me. Glad I didn't go that route.
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I have been being in treatment 5 months and the medications cause allergic reactions so I have to take benedryl about 4 x a day and am very itchey drive you nuts itchey so the MD suggested the proceedure
the general anesthia should work better for me as I was shaking too much for them to do it and my MD would not do twighlight so we decided on general anesthia.  I am to talk it over with an anesthiologist 7 days prior to the surgery  I will ask about additional treatments and why
since my MD said 95% success rate and I'll ask what does that mean an end to palptations and ER visits I hope
Thanks for the support it promises to be a long month waiting again.JYANT how are you manageing your symptoms?
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Don't be afraid to get 2nd opinions, I think I heard that 2nd opinions change treatment 30% of the time.

I tried a couple different drugs before honing in on verapamil which doesn't get rid of the problem only makes them less intense/frequent. I am very sensitive to any drug but rarely if ever have I gotten itchey. Isn't that a sign of allergic reation to it? I would find a drug that doesn't do that.

My understanding of the 95% success rate is only after multiple attempts, that is NOT a once time only success rate that I have read in any study. I also read that you want a Doctor/Hospital that has done numerous procedures, this ablation does have risks albeit small.

Because mine are benign, unless of course I went to say 225 bpm and couldn't come back down. I just try not to focus on them, knowing they won't kill me. It's hard and teh fear of death is hard to shake. If they get bad, I go lay down and sleep, seems to help. Or I read that if you catch them early in an attack, Ice Cold water on face/neck, I use a rag in bowl of ice will generally stop or slow them to a manageable stat.

I dont think one can actually manage this (if severe)...thus we all head for ablation. I'm just of the opinion, why rush it.
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One other thing that I've read, and there may be more current studies out there which I would love to read. Is that the ablation treatment is not an overnight success. It takes time for scar tissue to build up on the outside of the heart to ultimately stop the electrical paths they are trying to destroy. Up to 6 months in waiting for determination.

If futher evidence is available, again I would like to read it.
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From my Electrophysiologym Cardio Dr. who being from Los Angeles area has done thousands of Albation procedures, told me he has patients that have waited upwards of 4 years to have the procedure before it drove them back to him.

Again, take a deep breathe and get as much info as you need to feel relaxed in your condition.
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