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cardiac ablation

I am just home after being unable to have the proceedure without medications
am scheduled now for Nov 17th with general anesthia
what is the difference?
which is better?
I take metropol XR 50 each night and for the most part this has keep the palpatations under control
reading all the stories of after ablation surgery and pain am I better off with out it?
I am now terrified to have the proceedure any hel[ is greatly appreciated thanks
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how many are you having daily and are you sympotmatic with them? If you're not in the 15%-20% range of pvc's (15,000+ daily in the normal heart which beats approximately 100,000 daily) or not having symtpoms, I'd try meds and lifestyle changes first; that's just my personal opinion and I've lived with some green eyed monsters

Versed (twilight sedation) did well for me and I really didn't feel anything but could talk to them in the OR and knew what was going on - my ablation did not work for me and I was told 90% curative - but there were a few weeks that I was pvc free. I developed PAC's the day after surgery and then PVC's came back and increased again within a few months time.  I do have to have another ablation; which I've put off since December 2009, but I have alot of other problems that I'm going to be forced to do the surgery again

Even with complications for me, the worst part like Cindy said is the place in the groin, mine was more from them holding the area for so long which hurt like heck :P  it does take awhile for your heart to heal from the ablation; I think they say normally 4-6 months

it's a personal decision really, can you live with them and the symptoms? if not, then try the ablation and see if it cures yours; some of us get lucky on the first go round =)
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My ablation was overnight success. My heart did skip beats for a while... little weird flutters... during recovery, as expected... but I've had ZERO POINT ZERO eipsodes of SVT since.  My last SVT can be witnessed here:
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Interesting graph.  I see the spike at 201bpm, the low valley, then the return to what appears to be your running pace.  Did this convert on its own, you did you have some intervention? I ask this because never converts on its own.  It would go on unitl it gave out.  If I'm active and at high respiration levels, conversion may take 30 minutes or so until my respiration returns to resting levels, and adrenaline goes down.
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I had my ablation a little over 4 years ago now...i am and have been 100% SVT free since.  It does not take multiple ablations.  For the most part "burning" is an antiquated way to do the procedure and not the option of choice for most docs because of the issues that arise after the procedure because of the scar tissue build up after.  Cryo or freezing or RF waves or radio frequency waves are the way that most docs go now.  There is not scarring when it is done in either way.  Saying that is not an overnite success...you are semi right...we all had to wait for the healing process to be over because we were poked prodded penetrated and zapped so the full recovery with simple random quick runs takes a couple of months...i know with myself i had a total of 4 i think and they only lasted a couple of seconds...except for one of them and i had to be chemically converted on that one and that was my own fault because i thought i was good to go too soon but once i got converted it was done.  My heart raced into the 300's before the procedure was done w. atrial fib and SVT .  I was on Versed or the twighlight med during the procedure and i have to say if i had to do it over again i definately would have gone with a general anesthesia because i woke up 2X during my procedure and the first time tried to crawl off of the table with the cath in my heart (obviously not good).  The doc said it was the true fight or flight response.  If for any reason i ever have to go back and i pray i don't i am def. going w. a general.  The only time that scar tissue builds up on the heart is w. the cauterization or burning and not the way to go. Jyant so did you have an ablation because thats not clear to me...or are you waiting?  I think it depends of what each of our situations are My doc one of the best in the world in the San Francisco area had done over 1500 of them by the time he did mine and i think the bottom line is the bottom line...if you trust your doc go with it because to me to live w. atrial fib and SVT we are simply waiting for a time bomb to go boom...especially with atrial fib because it can get progressive on us.  I think as we all know SVT is nothing to mess around with because of the cause and effect.  If something popped up in the future i would not even hesitate for a New York minutes to go back in for another ablation...it was a no brainer, painless, simple and back to work after 4 days and back to the gym after 2 weeks.  I know that i was not an usual case as long as there is no underlying issues for most people its a done deal.  The earmark is we are supposed to be in the 70% or higher success rate range and if Nellie is in the 95%, had a great doc, trusts him/her and they have a high success rate i would run not walk to the EP lab next month.  I believe she is about to get her life handed back to her on a golden platter.  I was a one time ablater with lots of issues and trust me i drop on my knees almost every day and say thank you for giving me my life back.....Nellie don't be afraid....its normal for all of us to feel that way but pick and chose what you read and concentrate on those of us who have been there done that good bad or indifferent....i think your life is about to change for the better..there is no feeling like we get when we are suddenly free...just remember to pay it forward after you have it done to help others on the site like lots of us have done.....
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"...just remember to pay it forward after you have it done to help others on the site like lots of us have done....."

Exactly.  Good insight for us "about-to-be", cindy.
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It's great news that you are PVC free. I have had them for a little over a year and have been diagnosed with PSVT currently under 240 mg ER of verapamil (about 3 months now). No doubt I have had in excess of 10,000 per day on a regular basis. I have had my good days and bad days. My wife and I decided ablation was not for us atm and I am glad we made that choice. Today I am 13 days free of any PVC's that I know of and that is just a huge relief. I have started walking again to build to jogging which I have missed for a year. As quickly as the PVC's came on, they have now gone . We know the medical community has few answers as to the origin of these in healthy individuals. My Lord made a perfect body and I am of the opinion that there must be a cause and effect. I have taken my time and not rushed to ablation and look at me! Sure it was just horrible the last year at times, but I'm alive and feel great now.

I just don't like the pushy pushy to ablation, it's not 100% and can cause more troubles than you entered the hospital with. Would be a shame if you were like me and the course changed for the better for what ever reason.

Our buddy at livestrong.com
Also click the link on page, dangers of Cardiac Ablation

Our buddies at the Mayo Clinic

Our budies at Emedicine

Shortly I start the process to get holtered up and get off verapamil to see if by small chance it was the drug that stopped the PVC's or it was a miracle, the heart mending itself or some other complex reason that is unknown, just like what got me here.

Srry rolling a 9 out of 10 dice isn't for me. I'm self employed and still have 2 youngens at home. I delt with my bad days.

BTW do we know the long term effects of ablation now that its being done like a tooth extraction?

I came here for an answer to a question I had, not to shove down my opinions.

Patience is a Virtue
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