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does anyone have a leaky heart valve that causes palps?

I just came from what I thought was my last cardio visit.  The doctor told me everything looked good, didn't need medication, my heart sounded good, but then she tells me to come back next fall to have another echo because my last one (which was last year I think) showed a mild leaky heart valve!!!!  I was like "what, how come nobody mentioned that to me!!"  She told me the reason why was because it was so mild they probably felt like there wasn't a need to mention it.  They just want to make sure it hasn't gotten worse over this year.  I asked her if this had anything to do with my heart palpitations and she told me no.  But I googled it and it says that heart palps is a symptom.  I am so confused.  She assured me that my leakage was so mild and common for people my age.  I am 39-HELLO!  
So now my anxiety is kicking in full gear.  Just when I thought I was gaining control she throws me this curve ball.

Does anyone have a leaky heart valve?  If so, how do you handle it?  Do you take meds?  How old were you when you were diagnosed?
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I "suffered" with no symptoms from a leaky Mitral Valve (Left side of heart) for many years.  When I was in my mid 50s I developed atrial fibrillation.  In my case if is believed that the leaky valve may have contributed to the development of AFib.

Now, I am trying to make you more calm, not more worried.  But, the only way to repair a heart valve is through surgery... something we all want to put off.  I had my servery at age 67, and because after monitoring the leaky valve for many years it was decided that it had become sever enough to justify surgery.  The surgery repaired my Mitral Valve.

As a leaky mitral valve can cause the left atrium to stretch (enlarge) it can cause AFib, or just make it harder to cure AFib.  In my case I responded to conversion and was in normal sinus rhythm for several years - given you age and, if there is a similarity between us, you've got a couple of decades before things get worse, and who knows what will be invented in that length of time - be positive, and follow your medical advice and get an echocardiogram every few years (maybe as long as 5) to be check on the valve condition.  It is my guess that the leak will be minor and stable for a long time, and your only challenge will be to stop worrying about it.
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I have no issues with my heart other than PVCs, no leaky valves at all, and my cardiologist wants me in every 12 months for a checkup specifically an echo.  For me this is to make sure my PVCs are changing muscle or LVEF.  I completely agree with this strategy.  It's wise to watch these things, don't read too much into it.  Be glad you are.   It's much better than what was offered to earlier generations.
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I thought I posted my response but I don't see it.  I wanted to thank you both for your comments.  I am truly a worrier at heart (no pun intended) and tend to read into things a lot.  It's so hard being calm when it's your heart that keeps you going and if something is out of wack.....it's so scary!!  I have no idea WHAT kind of leaky valve I have, so I guess I will have to wait until next year to find out.

I do rememember them telling me I could get an echo every 2-5 years when I initially went in back '07.  These heart palps are bad enough, but deailng with another heart "issue".......ugh, it is so stressful.  I will try to be brave.  Thanks again.
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I was having shortness of breath and chest pain pretty freqeuntly. I went to the ER a few times and eventually they did an echo cardiogram. It showed I have mild leakage in my mitral and triscupsid valve. I do get palpitations frequently and I guess this is why. My doctor doesn't seem too worried though, he says it doesn't need treatment. I am 16 and had this diagnosed a few weeks ago.
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Dear Fellow Worrier-Warrior
I really feel for you. I have just had a echocard last friday due to worsening palpitations and intermmitent wenckebach block.. Went there sure that they would find all is normal only to be told that I had mild leakage by the technician. She told me not to worry it was an age thing (54). I am seeing a cardio in 3 weeks and will ask a lot of questions. I often have a pretty good attitude to my palps (unless it takes 6 hours to get a more normal rhythm after mild to moderate excerise) but add leakge to this.....I looked at my anxiety around this and have realised that my only worry is around my children. We are mothers after all and want to stick around in this body. I am planning to become at least 90!!!!
Good luck and hugs from australia
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you sound the same as me, im 42 and found out last week that i had a very minor leaky heart valve. Went to cardio origianally with 'palp' kind of feelings. Was also told this was nothing to worrry about, havent even been told to go back at all for a check up at anytime, no meds, no nothing, just carry on as normal so just hopin it doesnt get worse over time and go undetected! Good luck
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Mild leakage of most of the heart valves is EXTREMELY common, and generally of no significance if the heart is otherwise healthy.  The only valve that is expected to close tightly is the aortic valve, and if it doesn't, then you have to watch to see if it's getting worse, simply because the amount of blood passing through that one is so large that backflow could compromise the heart's pumping ability.

My echoes have revealed that *all* my valves are a little leaky, and no doctor has ever been concerned about anything except the fact that my aortic valve leaks as well, which it should not do.  However, I have no symptoms directly related to this, and the condition has not progressed in six or seven years.  If it did, I would need a valve transplant for that one.

As to whether leakages cause PVCs or palps, with everything leaking all the time, I should be the poster child if they did, but I only occasionally have ectopic beats, and generally it's related to panic attacks.

You will find quite a bit of discussion on the internet about what role leaky valves might play in generating funny beats, but there is no clear opinion about this, at least in normal hearts.
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I have had a mitral valve murmur for years -- indicating a leaky valve, but it is very common and not an issue.  I think they would be running more tests if it was serious.  But I would make sure they track it.  My Mom lived to be 92 with a leaky mitral valve.  

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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I found out back in 2009 I had leaky valves also and was told it was nothing and that most people as we age do tend to start some leaking...I was 42 at the time and was told this was no big deal (even with symptoms) and they were going to just watch them.

I just asked in the expert forum about leaking valves also; because some places say leaking valves is considered "structural" but doesn't say what grade is considered it...I can't see trace and mild leaking like I have to be structural but I'll have to see wht the dr here says also
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Hi guys just read this post today. I too was diagnosed earlier this year with trace regurgitation in the mitral and tricuspid valve. My list of symptoms is long, short of breath when sitting,laying down and walking. I get headaches that are debilitating, I get dizzy when moving me head around. I recently starting to get alot of heartburns and stomach cramps.i also have feet that go numb when im IV been driving long. Im have to sit and catch my breath many times when IV been walking around mallls and shopping center stores. My feet become sore and painful. I see a pulsating heart beat in my stomach, especially when im short of breath and dizzy. I get palpitation when i physically become active..does anyone have similar symptoms?
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I have a mildly leaky mitral valve and a medium leaky pulmonary valve, which has caused my right atrium to enlarge slightly.  I am 47, and my leaky mitral valve was discovered at 30.  At that time it was called trace leakage because it was so mild.  I don't have any symptoms yet, but if your doctor says it is very slight, then it sounds like a trace leakage like mine was.  I think you should relax because it is normal for the valves in the heart to become slightly leaky with age.  That's what my cardiologist told me.  Most leaky valves never progress in your lifetime to become an issue before some other disease like cancer gets you.  People in their 70's and 80's nearly all have valve leakage as a normal part of aging, and the fact that you have it at 39 is probably not relevant due to it's mildness.  It doesn't mean anything medically except that it's there.  I honestly would not worry about it if I were you, as the anxiety would probably have a greater effect on your health than the mitral valve ever will.  Take care.  
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I've had a leaky valve since the age of 33. Don't remember what type but my cardiologist told me not to worry about it because its nothing serious. He checks it every year and last week was most recent. I get symptoms like out of breath when running, dizziness, slight discomfort in left arm, slight chest pain and palps most of the time at night. It's annoying but if doc says don't worry I don't worry. If it gets worse its real simple to correct according to him. What's funny after my latest appointment I've been getting more symptoms before the ones I mentioned I only had the shortness of breath. After my latest appointment I get them all.  It's either ironic, psychological or it opened more right after my visit lol.  Anyways cool thread. Nice to know we're not alone.
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Hi Oxer

I have the same symptoms. In addition to all this I have inflamation in my legs for last four years. For last couple of years, I have been pushing the doctors to do something about it but nobody cares. I feel very frustrated at this point as I am only 34 and I can't even talk while I am walking as I go out of breath.
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I have what they call mild mitral regurgitation and I worry about it in case it gets worse I get quite a lot of pvcs (palpatations) which feel very strange like the heart is beating very irregular these are what I worry about mainly.  Doctors dont seem too concerned but I dont believe irregular beats are the norm they get worse when I am tired.  Does anyone else have similar to me.
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You didn't give your age, but if you are over 50 the likely hood of attacks of atrial fibrillation are something I think you should discuss with your doctor.  If you are examined while in AFib and EKG should be able to confirm.  To rhythm symptoms of AFib are high heart rate and irregular heart beats.

I think you should at least discuss taking an aspirin a day with your doctor.. maybe just a low dose aspirin.  The concern here is AFib can cause blood clots and that can (I did not say will) cause a stroke.

Has your doctor diagnosed you with PVC, or is that your guess?
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Hi Izzy I know I am a year late in replying but I was just browsing and you are exactly the same as me and I was wondering how you are doing now I get los of what they call ectopic beats and I have mild mitral regurgitation I do get concerned but I am being monitored every 2 years but hope that the cardios now their stuff x
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Im 22 years old and i also have a leaky valve seems like its a little common, im not sure which valve it is but its mild...i do get a fluttering in my heart when i exercise or run playing a sport....i do get short of breath especially when i begin and exercise or anything like that. I am also on blood pressure meds...100mg losartan/hctz 25mg...its been running around 140's/70. not sure what to do about it....hoping i can get it down im at a decent weight i exercise daily...and no smoking, caffene, or drugs in my life. If anyone can help or suggest ill appreciate it
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Hi Oxer,
Have you ever had your B12 levels checked? Your symptoms sound like classic B12 deficiency to me. More info on the Pernicious Anaemia Society website: http://www.pernicious-anaemia-society.org/
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I have a murmur caused by a leaky valve which got discovered when I was 18. I saw a cardiologist for various tests then and again at 25. Both times they said it was nothing to worry about, no follow up needed unless symptoms appear. I'm 31 now and from what I read about murmurs caused by leaky valves, they should be monitored so I'm going to see my GP to talk about it.
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Hi I have two leaky valves mitro and tricuspid theese were diagnosed 3 yrs after heart surgery and pacer Im 35 Now,I also go once a year for an echo in fact I go in three days for this years check and I have been noticing more palpitations and Im Hoping to get some answers for the Palps also shortness of breath with them.
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