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does this seem like SVT?

I have panic attacks I will openly admit to you, And these .. racing heart rates occur at the same time as them.. (been diagnosed with Panic Disorder and GAD) now I will get rates from 130-180 that can last 2-5 hours before slowing down.. And I have a panic attack at the same time which causes which impossible to tell. I had an EKG like a month or less before these started or I noticed them and it was NSR Tachy I think 110 bpm? nothing abnormal.... I went to my doctor who is apparently also an internist.. she put me on a beta blocker called... Metoprolol? on its lowest dose.. I am thinking about going back for more tests.. its been going on for a year now. I get them like I get my panic attacks randomly and spuracticly. (in fact they occur always together) Also I try to breath and calm it down which usually never works once I take my low dose of beta blocker within 40 minutes my heart rate is down to the 100-110 range USUALLY.

I was just curious what this sounds like it could be.. I just turned 22 last month (dont drink smoke lol or exercise and im not .. and my parents say my family has no history of heart disease and stuff. so I suppose I am looking for some answers here. Can someone help me out?

I mean what does this sound like to anyone..SVT ? ST? I really need some advice...
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