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echo cardiogram for woman?

Im a male and I had an echo cardiogram the other day. I had to lie down lift up my arm and a lubricated device was moved around my chest area....
It dawned upon me, how do they do the same thing to a woman especially if she has large boobs?.  Does she have to lift them up, or move them side ways. How can they do the echo cardiogram on  when the **** are in the way?.
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They manage. They go over the chest area and under the breasts as needed.
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That would be a unique situation. I imagine those with generous breast implants may run into problems as well. If all else fails and the doctors are sure there's a problem, I suppose they could do a TEE (transesophageal echo). Not very comfortable, I'm sure.
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I was wondering because read that a woman with 58 double G cup had a hard time getting an echo, so they had to stand her up and use two ultra sound devices to scan her chest. That must of been humiliating.    
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