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ejection factor

I just joined the site today and I hope I am not doing anything improper.  I looked at your post and noticed that it is very simular to what I am going through but some of the questions I do not understand.  What is ejection factor?  

I have been taking propranolol for 12 years and changed to metoprolol within the last month.  25mg is the lowest amount and it has been helpful for me.  I did notice my hands shaking more in the beginning but that has calmed down.  I am in the process of getting an appointment with a endocronologist for the thyroid problems, just had a biopsy done on one of the many nodules.

good luck

This discussion is related to SVT,MVP,high thyroid, and metoprolol.
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Hi spiritflow1,

Welcome to the forum!  

Changing from propanolol to meoprolol could be the reason for the shaky hands.  It will probably resolve once you adjust to the new medication.  I used to take propanolol and it helped with my hand tremors.

I am not sure whose post you are referring to, but ejection fraction refers to the fraction (percentage) of blood pumped from the hearts' ventricles with each heartbeat.  A normal EF is said to be 55-70% +/- 5% (reader interpretation).

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I never heard of ejection factor before.  I guess there are questions I should be asking my cardiologist.  

I was refering to ?? I cannot remember his name but he was asking questions about thyroid and MVP and metoprolol, etc.  Sounded simular to my problem.

Thank you.

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