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excercise induced tachicardia

I am a 34 year old female, have excersiced regularly for the past year and a half  (I run 40 minutes 4 times a weak) have a normal EC and eco-dopler.

Still, every time I run my heart beat goes up to 184 and would still keep rising if i didn`t slow down the treadmill. My average heart beat during excercise is around  174, which is supposed to be too high to keep for 40 minutes.

Plus, when i finish excercise and strench my back leg muscels by puting my head down to my feet (sorry about the english- I am form argentina!) my pulse decreases very rapidly and at an irregular pace (for example, it can go down from 150 to 100 in 15 seconds, with ups and downs in between).

I have an appointment with a cardiologist in a month. SHOULD I STOP EXCERCISING UNTIL I SEE HIM?

Thank you very much for your help!!!

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You might have orthostatic intolerance, a dysfunction in your autonomic nervous system (see medhelp community forum for "dysautonomia" for more info).  But the cardiologist can check for that and other things, like SVT (supraventricular tachycardia (rapid heart rate triggered by an abnormality)  You shouldn't stop exercising altogether until you see him I don't think, but it sounds like you should keep it to a walk (no running) on the treadmill and make sure your heart rate isn't still racing, in spite of not running, as you walk.
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184 is not extreme for running.
I can sustain 185 a several miles, I'd guess. Based on that 220-age ballpark - I'm "supposed to be" 178 MAX, which I can completely destroy at will.

Are you measuring your HR on the notoriously inaccurate treadmill handles?
Or the somewhat inaccurate garmin chest strap?
How hard are you running? Can you maintain a conversation @ that HR?
When you slow down, does that HR descend linearly?

You need a fairly accurate HRM and figure out what YOUR body does. I tested my max HR by running a hard 3 miles and taking the last 2 minutes at a FULL ON HARD AS I COULD POSSIBLY PUSH MYSELF BEYOND ALL LIMITS ***DEAD SPRINT****.   Stop, fall to your knees exhausted. That's the max.

Oh - I just looked at my Garmin reports... I've sustained 174 for Half Marathon distance. (~2 hours)  I was @ 166 for Marathon Distance, which is theoretically 93% for my age.

I guess what I'm saying is: throw out the guidelines and charts. Run what your body tells you.
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