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extended PVC episodes

I've had the PVC 'fluttering heart" feelings since I was in the 3rd grade when I noticed something wierd going on in my chest!  I've had them from once or twice a day to several times a day, most days ever since. They usually only last a minute or less and are just annoying.
I've been put on the holter 4 times and of course, my heart behaves wonderfully on these days!!!
About 2 months ago, I was on vacation at my folks home, totally unstressed and comfortable and woke up in the middle of the night with non-stop PVCs.  It lasted for about 3 hours and was terrifying.  My mom is a nurse and tried to take my BP and it errored the machine out all three times. I did the deep breathing stuff, but does anyone have a suggestion on how to get a rhythm back in this situation? Now I'm freaked out and wondering when this will happen again. Thanks!
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The manual BP machines are not able to capture a BP or HR when our hearts are flipping around.  It used to drive me crazy that I could not use my machine.  I finally called the manufacturer and in my case, the machine needs to get 15 seconds of a steady rhythm to capture an accurate HR....That rarely happened.  Sometimes a nap, exercising or getting involved in something will stop the PVCs. Unfortunately, there is no specific remedy.
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hey. ya just like momto said there is no true way to stop them. i can definetly connect with u because im only 13 and i get them  constantly. its terrible/terrifying. but dont let these stop ur life. live it to the fullest cuz you only got one, and in the end is all your gonna remember are the heart beats.
idk what to say to help u with them, cuz it really depends.if you like to excersise just do that. if you like to sleep,sleep.the one tha definetely helps though is just to do something to occupy yourself and dont think about them. of course a lot of people think omega 3 helps, but talk to your doc before doin that...
anyways good luck and hope you find something to  help u :)
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Hi can someone tell me what is a pvc fluttering heart? Doc thinks i have mvp as told him i felt these vibrations or flutterings just under my ribs left side and worse when laying on my left side so he put the heart thing under my ribs and said he could hear a clicking sound and swooshing sound, so ordered a cardiagram and put me on metoprolol but still havent heard anything yet on the test but before the doc visit one day felt my heart racing away went to er blood pressure was 172/121 and heartbeat very irratic anyways now i feel these constant flutterings no pain though so just wondering if its what yall call pvc flutterings?
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